A Gift Giving Ideas Website – Welcome!

A Gift Giving Ideas Website - Welcome!

Gifts can be classic and gifts can be wacky. They can be loveable, memorable, funny, clever, convenient and useful. The gifts you choose will reflect your tastes and will hopefully be something the recipient will enjoy. Your relationship background, your ages, and the social situation may all influence the gifts you choose to give.

Here are examples of actual gifts given and received that hopefully will spark your imagination and creativity:

Once when my dad had surgery I was given a brand new child’s lunch box (nylon, bag style) full of snacks and crossword puzzles, word searches…stuff to do while we were in the waiting room. It was such a huge treat! I keep a bag ready to o for people “visiting” their loved ones in the hospital…stuff like my earlier example only I include a roll of quarters for sodas or what ever. I just grab it and have it ready to deliver.

For our anniversary one year, Robert gave me a homemade coupon book. It was filled with things like walks. back rubs, foot massages, etc.

One year for Christmas my mom and dad asked a local-owned shoe store if they would open their store after hours and let each member of our family pick out ANY pair of shoes that they wanted for Christmas. It was so much fun for all of us to be together-helping each other make selections and my mom and dad sat in one of the chairs and just smiled while they did all of their Christmas shopping at one time. It was a win-win-win. The storeowner, my mom and dad’s Christmas list, each of us with our brand new pair of shoes. I think we all went out to eat later but I do remember getting those shoes-what fun memories.

For our 50th wedding anniversary, Patti took her boys (Brett and Bennett) to the beach and had them gather shells for G’ma and G’pa. Under Patti’s direction, they arranged 50 little shells in sand, in a cute glass container and added a candle. I still have, and treasure, that simple gift!

Mr. Perfect Doll is a purchased item given by a husband to his wife for any occasion. This is a man doll called Mr. Perfect (there is also a Mrs. Perfect). When you press the doll’s hand the Mr. Perfect doll responds by these sayings and others:

“Honey, let’s have your parents over for dinner”

“Stay in bed and I will make breakfast”

“I will drive you to work today and I will have your car serviced”

“Here is my credit card, go shopping today”

Finch feeders are a fun gift to give or receive. I especially like yellow feeders that allow the finches to eat hanging upside down on the feeder perch. They sit on the perch and flip upside down to eat. Humming bird feeders are another favorite.

Last January my sister retired after working at a bank for 40 years. I found a pair of garnet earrings (January’s birthstone). Each earring had four stones to represent four decades and her retirement in January.

I’m glad to be of service to you!

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