Creative DIY Engagement Gift Ideas

engagement gift ideas

Some creative gift ideas could be easily realized, and any personalized engagement gift will be much more valued than something you could have bought in the shop because it shows your great interest in this event, and your enthusiasm to be involved. DIY engagement gift is something you will put your soul into and something the couple will appreciate for sure.

In fact, opportunities are endless. And even if you are thinking of some DIY engagement ideas for the bride who likes luxury and for the groom who is quite choosy you will always be able to find some suitable and perfect DIY engagement gift to make their day!

diy engagement gift

Some examples of DIY gifts for your friends

Romantic and magnificent is the time when couples get engaged. And much time is usually spent to find some appropriate gift that the guests consider to fit the tastes of the couple! And weddings, as well as some preparations for the friends and relatives who are looking for good engagement and wedding gifts, and who spend money on clothes and transportation, may turn to be very expensive.

diy gift ideas for friend

But some thoughtful engagement gift ideas will cost you less than 50 dollars, not to mention an opportunity to present something hand-made and exclusive paying much less! At least, engagement is an only rehearsal, the bigger event like a wedding as well as wedding gifts will require more investments!

The special day approaching, think of some good but still practical engagement gift ideas. Certainly, some funny DIY engagement gifts for couples would also be great, but in the pursuit of fun do not forget about the way the couple could use your presents. 

DIY engagement gift tutorials could give detailed step to step instructions which you could follow, but sometimes you just need an idea, nothing more. Wild flight of fantasy will provide more impressive and amazing results than some handmade gift ideas you just copied from anybody else.

First, make the decision if you are to find some handmade gifts for couples or for the bride or the groom only, which depends on how close you are and what your message is. Surely, every present has some meaning, and if you address both newly-weds it could be some DIY engagement gifts for couples like perpetual calendar, key holder, pair glasses, for example, something that they may use together.

homemade engagement gift

Personalized mugs

Personalized mugs are practical and functional engagement gifts. Although this idea sounds to be common, in any case, it remains valid because some personalized mugs could not only become a good decoration of interior which will make it look individual but could also be put into good use.

A customized dish

Customized dish with their future last name is another good idea for DIY gifts for your friends. If you know any romantic peculiarities about the couple that would be a good foundation for your DIY engagement gifts, use them. But be careful and tactful not to reveal their secret occasionally.

diy engagement gifts

A Photo with lyrics

If the couple has the song that is the reflection of their relationship that idea may be used for the photo with lyrics and a monogrammed initial of their new last name. If you are lucky enough you may find some music card with the melody your friends like so much and decorate it in the way you consider to be appropriate. You could use an electronic card only and make some secret box-shaped as hearts, for instance, where a young couple could constantly see their photo and enjoy their song.

Photos are a great idea for DIY engagement gifts, as a matter of fact. But many people do not usually keep photos of their family or beloved in their purse because it could be crushed. Lots of modern people adore Instagram, nevertheless. Why not implement this idea for your DIY engagement gifts? A charming handmade trinket could be one of the cute DIY gifts for the groom, they may look brutal, but sentimental.

homemade engagement gifts

Something tasty

The future spouses may be also happy to get something tasty, sweet, or anything that would make them even closer while being together. Give the bride-to-be something delicious to show her how much you are involved in this event! You may provide ingredients and the recipe with detailed instructions for the girl to show her beloved man all her cookery talents, or you may make some unique cupcakes or sweets having the shapes of hearts or the couple kissing.

handmade engagement gifts

Molds (cooking implements) of various forms are available in online shops, the only task of yours is to surprise the couple with the taste your sweets will have! Chocolate is perfect for any occasion, but it’s especially magical for two people in love who are planning to spend their lives together! Little delicious delicacies will make the celebration of the couple totally amazing!

diy engagement gifts for couples

Wine bottles

Engagement parties and gifts will almost always presuppose wine consumption. Some memorable gifts will be a good complement in such a case. As a perfect gift for your wine-loving and newly engaged friend, some glassware, for example, wine glasses that make a unique gift could go with any home décor. You could personalize that gift by adding the bride and groom’s wedding colors or using some homemade decorations.

diy engagement gifts

DIY firefly wine bottles are also a good romantic gift to the newly engaged couple. Monogrammed or crafted, these beautiful things will create a romantic ambiance with a soft glow of light. What about gifts for him? Etched beer glasses are a fun way to create a custom beer glass for the groom-to-be. Even if he doesn’t take so much alcohol, he could use the glass for any other purpose! To keep his stash or what else.

diy gift for friend

A survival kit for the bride-to-be

A survival kit for the bride-to-be is such a great idea! It’s an easy DIY gift idea, but this kit will provide the bride with whatever she needs on that important day and will keep her from being nervous!

diy gifts for your friends

Vintage teacup candles

For an elegant and lovely engagement gift, check out some vintage teacup candles that are simple to assemble and will be loved by any couple! Some people are really environmentally friendly, and they want their surroundings to be the same. Such spouses-to-be will adore the idea of receiving the handmade beeswax candles! Design that suits the couple’s favorite colors or, perhaps, the decor scheme in their living room can make your DIY gift unique and valuable.

handmade gifts for couples

Photo candles

Have you ever heard of DIY photo candles? That’s a cute DIY gift idea which is awesome but not difficult to implement. Square candles will look contemporary, and sweet photos will be a great opportunity to share the thought that you appreciate your friends so much!

A Shower gift basket

Are you still not so much enthusiastic about the idea of giving a couple of glasses or candles? An alternative way is to try metallic printing on the glassware instead. And even if you’re not so confident in your painting skills, anything handmade or hand-painted, for example, mugs, cups, and tea sets are always a gorgeous and thoughtful gift.

engagement party and gifts
Breakfast in bed shower gift basket

No matter how complex your design is, the main point is to show your engagement (into their engagement ceremony!) You may also present something embroidered. Napkins with little embroidered hearts will be a good DIY gift for your friends. 

In fact, buying or making some perfect engagement gift takes lots of time and efforts. But it’s worth it! Even if your DIY gift is not so expensive, it’s valuable anyway as you have thought about its practicality, design, and, surely, the impressions of the couple when they get it! DIY engagement gifts for couples are not only the best way to save money. It’s your personal attitude and approach to the newlyweds!

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