What to Put Inside Your Open When Letters

open when letters for best friend

You always miss somebody who is in your heart. It may be your dearest friend who is admitted to some prestigious school in another country or your sibling searching for a new job abroad. My best friend moved to Spain as his dad was offered a job of his dream nobody would refuse. I was really sad in the days leading up to his leaving, and I knew I was going to miss him deeply. We had made friends being little kids and kept good relations for years. Surely, a friend in need is a friend indeed. So, to minimize trouble and not to feel like crying I realized an amusing idea of open when letters to help him miss me less during the move.

That’s not the end of the world… Sounds rather optimistic (The point is there was hardly a day we haven’t met. He’s never been absent for more than two weeks. And now he is moving to another country! Meanwhile, I’m thinking of the ways of saving money for my trip to Spain. Stop whining! Come on, relax and get focused! I have racked my brain trying to figure out some rewarding ideas. Open when letters ideas were something I accidentally stumbled upon. Open when letters for a best friend was something that both of us needed for that time apart not to be so painful.

open when letters for best friends

After scouring Pinterest, I came across these “Open When…” letters.

I thought that cute idea sounded exciting! I knew I had to make these Open When letters for my friend. But I had a hard time working out and implementing my plan. The greatest challenge to solve was what to put inside open when letters. Here’s what I did.

what to put in open when letters for boyfriend

What to Put Inside Your Open When Letters

You may easily find some free printable versions with all of the open when ideas ready to be downloaded and printed out for you and the person you love in order to enjoy it! Open when card ideas are also useful and readily available.

Some open when cards and gifts were rather small and ideally fit the envelopes. But some surprise presents were too big, so I put them in sweet bags that I taped shut.

open when letter rules

Outside of Box

I had a big box at home already, so I just decorated it from inside and outside with a bunch of different duct tape and satin knots (to make him smile and understand what it means for me to be a girl). The picture became full when I attached the tag “I miss you already” on the upper side.

Open Now

As soon as the set of open when ideas were received the donee had to open it. This going-away present contained some snacks as well as some recommendations about the gift, lots of pictures and the letter saying how exciting and funny his life in Spain could be. Open when letters for best friends should always include some positive information to cheer up your friend and encourage him or her to face the future without fears.

open when

Open When Rules

Open when letters rules are to be strictly followed, otherwise you and your friend risk to spoil all the pleasure and enjoyment.

 Open When… You’re Settled In

I wanted this present to be opened when my friend already settled in, arranged the things in the way he liked and may have had the first feelings of missing me.  I wanted him to go relax, so I put a gift card to the movies in it. Open when card said: Open When you’re settled in.

letters for your boyfriend

Open When… You Miss Me

In case sadness grew he had to open my hopeful letter full of compliments, funny jokes and, surely, some memorable stories of ours.

Open When… You’re Stressed

Bubble Wrap is a great open when the idea. Being kids we always loved playing with bubble wrap. This envelope is to be open when you need a laugh or when you feel sad. Both children and adults would get a kick out of this.

open when letters for boyfriend ideas

Open When… You’re Getting Sick

What to write in open when letters for a best friend if he or she falls ill? Some enthusiastic or funny commentaries could help your friend recover faster. I can’t help smiling when I imagine him reading a note: Do not take this drug! You will become pregnant! Absolutely for sure, you should add some stuff that may really help. For instance, it could be stuff to make a Hot Toddy along with instructions. Honey, whiskey, tea bags, and a cute mug. All this will not only comfort but also calm your friend down, especially whiskey)

letters to your boyfriend

Open When… You’re Actually Sick

Cough drops and a soup packet, we love the Lipton Noodle Soup, and I knew it would make him smile when he feels bad. Who knows if anything like that could be found in Spain.

open when envelope ideas

Open When… You Can’t Sleep

Sometimes you are haunted by obsessive thoughts that prevent you from falling asleep. Chamomile tea and hand-made Sudoku would calm your mind and make you feel relaxed. In case it does not help the charming sound of water I downloaded for my friend and attached the disk would relax his mind and send him to sleep.

open when envelopes

Open When… You Need a Pick Me Up

When you open this when letter you’ll find a gift card to Starbucks. Don’t worry, be happy, drink Starbucks! You will easily find somebody to accompany you.

Open When… You Need a Vacation

I hope when you need a vacation the first idea you have will be getting back for a week at least. But if you have no chance or money to do it enjoy these umbrella straws.

Fortunately, my best friend is just a male friend, not my boyfriend. In case he was, he would have no chance to learn all those crazy ideas I had. Just because it would be reasonable enough to blacklist him. On second thought, I want to have a grilled salmon. While some girl whose boyfriend will be away from her for some time wants my tips urgently. What to write in open when letters for boyfriend is for any girl to decide. And, undoubtedly, it depends on her preferences and mood what to put in open when letters for boyfriend of hers. Some of us do not care and choose some care package ideas for boyfriend to follow. That’s what you may buy in any supermarket.

But if any guy friends or roommates annoy you, feel free to break the tension and get some laugh. Did you know you can buy gummy dicks online? I think I saw these on Buzzfeed, and I almost died laughing. So I had to get them. You shall give this to the boys if they’re being jerks and instruct them: “Eat a bag of dicks”. That’s funny.

read when letters

Open When… You Feel Like Coming Home

A gas card, it wouldn’t get your friend all the way home, but he or she would feel your care.

Open When… You’re Low on Money

There are always some moments when you need something, but you are short of money. Gift Card to Target could save the day, especially if it is something you need today.

open when letters printable

Open When… You’re Hungry

Pizza houses are everywhere, but it is hard to predict which of them provide delicious pizzas. I don’t know if my friend will want to eat it alone or treat any new acquaintances of his. So, an Applebee’s gift card instead was a good alternative!

Open When… You Need to Talk

All my contacts, including my phone number. I know he has it, but that is a special reminder that he can call me 24 hours a day.

Open When… You Need a Laugh

Chuck Norris jokes, Elephant Jokes, and knock-knock jokes are to be open. They were pretty funny if I do say so myself.

open letter topics

Open When… You’re Feeling Spicy

Could be furious, irritable, excited, whatever. It had spicy popcorn in it. Popcorn has always been our “go-to” snack, so I figured this would be a cute reminder of home.

I had many ideas to implement but the time limit made me stop. Open when letters examples of what to write inside are easy to find, especially if you know your friend in-and-out. Hope he will come home sooner than I need to make another parcel with open when letters for best friend. Or could I hope to get my ‘open when letters for best friends’ before I meet him again?

I also bought it for him. It can be anything else that sounds useful for you. What I usually do is buying something on sale to make my family members and friends happier in case they need it.

Overall, I think this gift came out super great. Could you imagine my friend kept thinking of the moments of being away from me but was rather confused to confess he could miss me? That is why open when cards or open when letters are some things everybody would be grateful for. My friend had been telling his friends he wanted Open When Letters and I didn’t even know.

These Open When Letters are such a great idea if you have a college kid or even a sibling or friend who just lives far. This is the perfect gift to give that just keeps on giving.

If you think of any other great ideas for Open When letters, let me know in the comment section! I’d love to hear.

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