Birthday Surprise Ideas for Girlfriend

birthday party ideas for girlfriend

How to surprise girlfriend on her birthday is a vital question, especially if you would like to keep your romantic relationships for years. In fact, good birthday surprises for girlfriend are a kind of a really good sign of your love! Although organizing cute birthday surprises seems to be simple at first sight, this process may be time-consuming, and, you know, any surprise for your girlfriend shall be carefully prepared.


And it concerns not only confidentiality you need to keep but also the way you should organize it. Romantic birthday surprises her friends may like should be decent, although funny. And a good idea to follow is to ask her friends if she could like the idea you keep in mind.

Once you’ve made the party details, keep the party preparation secret while giving the guests enough information.

birthday surprises for girlfriend

If you choose a certain party theme consider if birthday surprises for your girlfriend’s friends are satisfactory because some of them may hate the idea of wearing some costumes or going out. Sometimes a good theme for cute birthday surprises for a girlfriend is her favorite toy or story, her hobbies or interests. For example, if you are planning to surprise your girlfriend, make a party based on her favorite movie. You could instruct the guests to dress as film characters and behave in an appropriate way.


Once they know the theme, do not change it for the guests not to be confused or not to become angry.

Romantic birthday surprises shall be more intimate, although your friends could still help you. Keep in mind that the best birthday surprise for a girlfriend should be something the guest of honor would enjoy, for sure. Don’t make her turn red when you invite strippers, and involving tropical decorations, don’t make everybody, including her overweight aunt, wear a bathing costume.

Once you invited strippers, do not refuse, it could be fun!


Romantic birthday surprises for her could just involve some candle parties or surprising decorations. If she had poor experience before she could be surprised by almost anything. Do you have great birthday plan ideas for a girlfriend? In such a case, be ready to overcome lots of obstacles, meet a lot of challenges, whatever else …

Once you understand what her dream is you have a chance to succeed.


The best birthday party ideas for girlfriend that come to my mind are quite simple, maybe, I haven’t got so much experience. Do you? Share your birthday celebration ideas for girlfriend in such a case. The only thing that comes to my mind is jumping off the dark and frightening her! Is it okay? My girlfriend said no. Because she almost fainted seeing me in a Frankenstein costume. That’s her mother’s fault, not mine, she was born on the 31st of October. Cute birthday surprises could be expected if you are born on St’ Valentine’s Day. Are you? I am not. What shall I expect? Only wine and candles, if I am born in winter.

Once I pretended to be born in summer, and I’ve got a barbeque set, and I had the best party I could imagine…


My girlfriend took pity of me when she learned that in fact, I had no birthday on a hot season. Romantic birthday surprises her friends and relatives would like as well shall be great fun, at least!

The next step to follow is to choose the party location. You can host the party almost anywhere. The location should be large enough to accommodate all of the guests. So, if you want a big surprise party, you might want to rent some big house. But if you’re throwing a surprise party with a dozen people, you could easily have it at a nice restaurant. For example, good birthday surprises for girlfriend could be organized at her place, at your place, at a restaurant, in a park, or anywhere else you think your girlfriend wouldn’t expect.

best birthday surprise for girlfriend

If you are going to rent a space, learn about what sound systems are available and ask about their policies on food and decor. Romantic birthday surprises for her could be broken if not organized properly. For you not to be caught by police with a bottle of champagne as your surprise for girlfriend because some guests of yours are underage. Birthday celebration ideas for girlfriend’s party, surely, must include some funny but achievable ideas.

Once you determined the location, pick a date and time for the party. Best birthday surprises for her shall be unexpected but cute.


Once you manage to arrange all the romantic birthday surprises, notify everybody who should come a day or two in advance. You’ll need to choose a time and date that works for most of the guests and you’ll need to ensure that the honoree is also available. Best birthday surprise for girlfriend could succeed only in case your girlfriend is available too. A good thing to consider before you have a party… You should also avoid birthday surprises for girlfriend after the person’s actual birthday because she might thank you’ve forgotten when she was born.

Once you forget it, check this information regularly in her passport. Consider asking the honoree if she wants to get out at the time you’re thinking of having a birthday party for her. If she says she has some other plans, you’ll need to reschedule the party.


Once you change the time and date, remember to notify all the participants.

Then decide what refreshments to serve. Best birthday surprise for girlfriend shall, surely, include some food and drinks. In case kids are involved, the requirements could be even more strict. Children could like such a birthday party treats like cookies or cupcakes). For an adult birthday party, serve foods that are easy to prepare and eat and some alcohol or non-alcohol drinks, depending on your girlfriend’s preferences.

If you don’t want to spend time on the food, consider having food catered or have a party at a restaurant. Match the foods to the time of the party. For example, if you’re having a surprise birthday party right after work on a weekday, most guests will expect a meal. But if the party is in the afternoon on a weekend, you could serve drinks and appetizers. And birthday plan ideas for girlfriend will not cost so much.


Once you decide if to make cupcakes or pancakes, make a guest list.

Decide how many people you want to have at the party and think about the honoree’s personality. If she is an introvert, she may like a small surprise party with her closest friends and family. If she is a party animal, you could have a surprise gift for a girlfriend on her birthday as a larger group of people. You might want to ask somebody else to help you plan and pull off the surprise, especially if they’re really excited by the idea of the party.

Once you think of her being an introvert, watch the sunrise together… don’t invite the guests. Birthday surprises for girlfriend could be cute if you are alone.

Birthday Surprise Ideas for Girlfriend

Once you’ve come up with a guest list, set up an event page on social media to invite the guests or call and invite them to the party by yourself. Avoid mailing paper invitations so that your girlfriend doesn’t find an invitation and learn of the surprise. Make it very clear to the guests that the party will be a surprise.

Once surprise for girlfriend is being almost prepared, decide if you want to ask guests to bring gifts or help with food and drinks.


Birthday plans for girlfriend’s surprise party shall surely include decorations. You could decorate her place. If you are having the party at the honoree’s place, you need to find out some moments when she is not at home and decorate quickly. Cute birthday surprises such as decorations shall not be expensive.

What is more, they must be simple to put up. Ensure that your girlfriend would not see the decorations you have prepared before she enters the party room. A surprise gift for girlfriend on her birthday would be much better if you prepare carefully. For example, remember to keep decorations away from windows so that your girlfriend won’t suspect anything when you are coming up to her place.


Once you understand it’s impossible to prepare everything secretly at her place find some other place. Even a public park may suit. It’s a great idea, as a matter of fact! Because you could pretend to take her for a walk… but instead of it, you will bring her to your birthday surprise! Or it can be some rented place or your friend’s house!

If you’re not hosting the party at her place, you can easily set up decorations in advance. Decorations could be connected with the party’s theme or made in your girlfriend’s favorite colors, or these could be standard birthday decorations like balloons and streamers. Remember that the entrance to the party room should not give away the surprise, so avoid putting up banners or balloons in the entryway.

romantic birthday surprises her

Birthday surprises for girlfriend would succeed if you think about all the details. Direct the guests about what they should do so that none of them occasionally gives away the big surprise. Have them all jump out yelling, “Surprise, Happy birthday!”

The best birthday surprise idea for her birthday is to spend quality time with her. Girls like when you devote much time to them. Every girl who truly loves just needs your time, care, and love, and if you give her your time on her birthday then this will be the best day of her life. Spend time together, go to some favorite place of hers, just spend some time with her, and this will be the best birthday surprise for her.

Birthday Surprise Ideas for Girlfriend

Once you call her in the morning wish her happiness, joy, and good mood! Each girl wants you to be the first to congratulate her! And if you wish her first, this will be a very nice start for her birthday. It will make her day! She will be smiling the whole day. So, if you don’t know how to surprise your girlfriend on her birthday start with this small congratulation speech. If you have no idea about a birthday surprise for her then at least compose such short speech to please her.


Candle décor surprise is another great idea! It will surely make her birthday more special. All you need is some candles and some other equipment to decorate the room. Imagine, how romantic such a birthday surprise may become if you think of all the details. You may take her to the room closing her eyes! Lots of joy and happiness is guaranteed! And this will be one of the best birthday surprises for her.

Birthday Surprise Ideas for Girlfriend

If you organize a birthday surprise for her in the morning, breakfast in bed is a good option. She will certainly like the idea of you doing something special for her! Even if you are poor at cooking, your efforts will be valued. You could also offer her a cup of coffee, just after she wakes up. Coffee with heart shape on the top of the coffee will look really nice. Follow some waiter’s manners as if you serve her like a princess! It would be fun!

You could also buy some balloons and decorate the room. Use some cute and memorable pictures on the walls to make this moment even better! Choose bright colors, and you will provide a good mood for your girlfriend!

birthday surprises for girlfriend

Once the door opens, the girlfriend of yours will not only be greeted with these magnificent balloons but you can also start singing for her, holding a birthday cake.

Teddy bears are loved by all the girls, and having a huge teddy bear is what every girl is dreaming about. You could just present her a small teddy bear! She will like it anyway! If you can afford only a small one it’s not such a big problem. She will like it in any case!


If you can afford it, some shopping surprise is a good alternative! Girls are obsessed with shopping!

Once upon a time, there was the girl who wanted to have a cute birthday surprise! And she will have it! If you follow the instructions carefully and put much spirit into this birthday surprise for her!

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