Cute ways to wrap Christmas presents

how to wrap circular presents

One important thing to consider when you buy any Christmas gift is its size and shape. Some presents are really awesome but huge, which makes people refuse from buying them. Don’t despair! Any giant gift will not look clunky if you know cool ways to wrap Christmas presents. Some crazy big presents like cars or kayaks could be difficult to wrap… but do they need any package? While some other categories of presents like those for a baby or newlyweds shall be wrapped to amaze the donee.

There are lots of creative and inexpensive ideas! Our comprehensive Gift Wrapping Guide includes various instructions on how to wrap a blanket and how to wrap circular presents, how to find some creative ways to wrap a large gift like a large toy or some home appliances, or even a bicycle).
If your gift is box-shaped it’s great, because all you need is some wrapping paper. Double up and overlap the wrapping paper.

Cute ways to wrap Christmas presents

In case the wrapping paper roll you have is not wide enough you could wrap in several stages. Roll the paper all the way around one half or one-third of the gift. Cut and tape, then move down and do it again until you reach the end.

It takes a bit more effort, but this is one of the best cute ways to wrap Christmas gifts which is easily available for everybody.

Some people wonder how to wrap a circular gift or some gifts that have no ordinary shape, for example, sporting goods or bedding sets. Jumbo-sized gift bags are the perfect solution! That’s a magnificent way of wrapping baby gifts creatively, especially if you succeed to choose an oversized gift sack with some attractive and pleasant pattern.

Cute ways to wrap Christmas presents

Cute ways to wrap baby gifts include not only a wide range of various paper and tissue packages, but blankets as well! Some presents for children wrapped in a blanket and accompanied with a mini-baby book instead of a card would impress anybody!

Blanket packaging ideas have become rather popular because all of us have a set of bed sheets or a blanket lying around the house. Why not use them? Sounds unusual and funny! Blanket ideas for boyfriend’s gift could provide two things at once. First, it’s a cute way to wrap some Christmas presents. Second, he could lay on the blanket dreaming and reminiscing for romantic moments spent with his adorable girlfriend. If you don’t have any blanket available, buy any in some local thrift store for a few dollars.

You know, many people believe that half the fun of gift-giving is in the gift wrapping. But blankets can be tricky to wrap.

Cute ways to wrap Christmas presents

Here’s the step-by-step instruction on how to wrap a blanket

Step 1.

Roll out the entire roll of cellophane gift wrap.

Cute ways to wrap Christmas presents

Step 2.

Lay the tablecloth or fabric wrapping down over the cellophane and lay the blanket or cloth on top folding in the excess edges on either side.

Cute ways to wrap Christmas presents

Step 3.

Holding both together, fold into the middle. Both sides will be folded in, so it’s helpful to think about folding in thirds.

Cute ways to wrap Christmas presents

Step 4.

Fold in the other side of the blanket or table cloth, holding both together.

Cute ways to wrap Christmas presents

Step 5.

Wrap the cellophane around and secure with clear tape.

Cute ways to wrap Christmas presents

Step 6.

Fold in the top and bottom overhanging ends of the table cloth and secure with a bit of tape.

Cute ways to wrap Christmas presents

Step 7.

Fold in both ends of the wrapped “tube” to meet near the middle.

Cute ways to wrap Christmas presents

Step 8.

Secure your wrap job with ribbon and add a bit of bling to the top of your package.

Cute ways to wrap Christmas presents

Now you know that wrapping Christmas presents may require a lot of time, patience, paper, and tape. But the effect is truly memorable! And it’s worth it!

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