10 Unique Push Present Ideas for New Moms

push gift ideas

Growing an entire human being in your belly for 9 months is a lot of work. Moms-to-be deal with all sorts of disagreeable pregnancy symptoms, countless doctor appointments and many uncomfortable sleepless nights — and that doesn’t even get into what happens during labor and delivery.

While you feel that holding that adorable baby in your arms is reward enough, a few spouses opt to provide new mothers a token of admiration, commonly referred to as a “push present.”

What’s a push present?

A push present is exactly that: a gift is given to the new mom for a means for her partner to show how much they appreciate her doing the hard work of doing and giving birth to the newest member of their household.

The very idea of push presents can be quite controversial. Some women love and expect them, but others roll their eyes and don’t need anything to do together.

“It felt so antiquated to me, like something from the 1950s. It’s sentimental for me and reflects a particular time in our lives over anything else. I still wear it every day, and she is 10 years old”

Does a push present need to be costly?

Some moms may get the concept of a push present distasteful because they see it as something superficial and costly, but experts say there’s no reason why a push present must be expensive at all.

How Push Presents Came to Be

The push presents craze started in the US not later than sixteen to seventeen years ago. It caught popularity when jewelry companies went to great lengths of goading the males to buy their wives a sparking new set of jewelry for bringing their first child into this world. The term push present was first published in 1992. But it was in 2005 when a particular jewelry chain profusely started an extensive advertising and marketing campaign to promote the concept of push present gifts.

The rest is history. In fact, there are now push present registries offered both online and at local stores these days. It seems like mothers can be showered by gifts not only by their partners but by their friends and families as well. Indeed, bringing that wonderful child into this world has its advantages.

However, push presents didn’t really start just sixteen years ago. There was proof that such gifts were actually existent and were given quite generously in England and India. In England, it was customary for the males to give a fancy ring to his partner after finding out about the pregnancy. However, presenting her with the gift can be delayed until after the child was born. In India, the same practice was observed although any other gold jewelry is an acceptable gift. It doesn’t necessarily have to ring.

If you’re looking for push present ideas, the first place to head for is, of course, the jewelry store. However, your gift doesn’t really have to be a jewelry piece although it is the most traditional push present. Diamonds are also the most popular choices because as they say, diamonds are a woman’s best friend. The purpose of giving this type of gift would definitely lighten up the mood of your wife. She has gone through nine long months of preparing for the day that she gives birth. That sparking diamond jewelry would definitely put a smile on her lips.

Push presents are becoming more and more popular

However, the reason the practice got so hot so fast is the word of Mouth & peer pressure.

Thanks to social media, moms who just obtained a push present are Able to spread the word to their friends & family immediately.

Add to this the fact that some celebrities took on the practice, and you’ll know how the concept spread like wildfire. 2 keys illustrations:

  • The Kardashians: After giving birth, Kylie Jenner obtained a Ferrari from her boyfriend Travis Scott, while Kim Kardashian took it one step farther and developed her very own $10.000 push present. The Kardashians are currently considered the most influential actors on social media.
  • The British Royal Family: There actually has long been a tradition of extravagant imperial”birth presents” over the generations.

Why jewelry as a push gift?

Straightforward, as it is one of the very popular keepsakes. Giving birth is most likely the most intense and most psychological experience a woman will ever have in her life.

From extreme pain to intense joy in just a matter of hours. Possessing a valuable keepsake that reminds her of the wonderful second will mean the world to her.

And a beautiful piece of jewelry is a keepsake she is able to fulfill her wherever she goes.

Okay…but there is so much choice! What kind of jewelry should you buy?

The most important question that you need to ask yourself is that a piece of jewelry will maintain a sentimental value to her.

Remember, it’s all about cherishing that amazing memory of giving birth, and that means you will need to discover a piece of jewelry that enables just that.

Here are some rather common push present jewelry ideas to offer you some inspiration:

1. Birthstone Jewelry

A what to the who now? Related to the month or astrological sign of an individual’s birth.

By Way of Example, amethysts are associated with February, diamonds with April, and emeralds with May.

So giving her a piece of jewelry that includes the gem associated with the month of the birth of her child creates the best keepsake and therefore push present.

Here is a comprehensive summary of which birthstone is connected to each month. So can choose a suitable gem for your birthstone jewelry gift.

Personally, I actually like this Birthstone Bow Necklace as you can fully customize it to a specific situation & preference.

You can select the kind of gold, in addition to which gems to add (genuine Or not depending on your budget).

The interface also instantly tells you which stones represent which Months, and that means you can not get it wrong!

Is this your second or third kid? Then you can create a Necklace carrying multiple different stones linked to each kid.

Little did Robert Moll know that when he marked the birth of his first child with the gift of a Cartier watch and the birth of his second with a Tiffany diamond band that he was part of a growing trend. Fathers far and wide are discovering the “push present”: An extra little thank you to moms upon the delivery of their children, usually in the form of a shiny bauble.

“I hadn’t heard of the term ‘push presents’ and didn’t realize it was a trend or that some women even expect them,” says Moll, a dad from Bloomfield Hills, Mich. “For me, it just seemed like the appropriate thing to do. Both gifts were surprises; there were no hints or expectations on my wife Jenn’s part.”

“I was one of the moms who actually made hints to her husband about receiving a push present.”

But a thoughtful awareness and the gift of jewelry on important occasions are a part of Moll’s family history. “My mother once told me that my birthday was a special day for both of us, not just for me,” he says. “There’s a bond that exists between a mother and her children, and this was a way for me to be part of that bond between my wife and our children aside from being her husband and their father.”

And there’s more to the history, according to Moll. “During our wedding ceremony, at the point when I slid Jenn’s wedding band onto her finger, my father-in-law took Jenn’s mother’s hand and slid a ring he had custom-made for the occasion onto her finger,” he says. Amy G. of Los Angeles, is the proud new mom of an 8-month-old named Ann. She and her husband both invested in romantic touches in the months after Ann’s birth, including leaving each other heartfelt cards in the baby’s room to surprise one another at the 3 a.m. feedings. But the biggest surprise for Amy was a gift of two diamond eternity bangles on her anniversary soon after Ann was born.

“They’re gorgeous, and what a surprise!” says G. “I suppose one was for giving birth and the other for my anniversary. My mother received a gold watch from my father when I was born, so I thought it was just something that always was done. All of our friends who have children also received gifts, usually jewelry. As a busy executive, I know my husband was grateful that I spent my pregnancy really taking care of myself and curtailing a lot of activities. I think he also appreciated my two days of labor and the miraculous results.”

2. Lockets

A more classic keepsake is, of course, that the locket. Give her a gorgeous necklace that covertly opens up and holds a photo of her child or her loved ones.

She can wear it around her throat all day, but only she will know what treasure it holds indoors. A teenager she can literally always keep near her heart.

The sterling silver locket opens to reveal space for a tiny photograph or two.

But in case the budget is not a restriction, this gorgeous & unique heart-shaped Envelope Locket is bound to immediately melt her heart. Hidden inside this beautiful 10K rose gold locket is a heart-shaped note with the engraving”I heart U.”

3. Engraved Bracelet or Necklace

Another path to provide jewelry as a push present would be to go for an engraved bracelet or necklace.

The inscription can be the title of their child, the date of arrival, or both.

Try to begin from a piece of jewelry you know she would like. Favorite type of metal, a design that is suitable for the jewelry she has, and add a meaningful inscription.

Again, it is okay when the engraving is only on the back or not prominently observable. It enables her to wear this piece of jewelry every day and with each outfit while holding a particular meaning for her.

A fantastic example of an engraved necklace that I think stands out is This increased gold bar necklace. Even though it has significant engraving, it’s still sober and could be combined with many outfits. This means she can carry it when she wants.

Or maybe your spouse would enjoy a beautiful personalized bracelet?

This design unites a high-quality silver rope chain with a slightly bent engraved Pub, creating a beautiful and smooth piece of jewelry.

4. Nest Eggs

The obvious image or engraving bit of jewelry may also remind her in a more indirect manner. A lovely example is a piece of jewelry with nest eggs.

Basically, it consists of a nest or larger egg, that holds one or more smaller eggs inside, one per child she has.

This is also an excellent push present for all those girls who are giving birth to their second or third child.

A hot, textured aluminum interior cradles the precious eggs, while a hand-stamped bird shape completes the motherly screen.

Useful tips when choosing jewelry as a push present for your spouse:

  • Choose a kind of ring, bracelet or necklace based on the kind of jewelry she already has.
  • Watch out with rings as her palms might continue to be swollen. Use among her other rings to get the size right.
  • Go for significance and sentiment, it is assumed to be a keepsake.
  • Make sure that you can afford it. You know your fiscal situation best and you will have a lot of expenses with the infant. Your wife will likewise not be happy if you go overboard.

Liz S., creative director, is often called upon to help find the perfect push present. “This trend has its roots in both Italian and Jewish ethnicities in the earlier part of the last century but has now become widespread because of many reasons,” says S. “Since jewelry marks enagement and marriage, it only makes sense that the most popular push present would be a bauble. Traditionally in the South and among New York society swans, the ultimate push present is a diamond eternity band stacked on top of the wedding band.”

Another popular choice? “Aaron Basha ‘baby-shoe’ charms really led the charge of this trend years ago and is still a strong part of the market,” says S. “Helen Ficalora has designed a line of yellow-gold charms studded with the baby’s birthstone and engraved with an initial. The idea here is a chicer version of your grandmother’s charm bracelet. Charm bracelets have also made a huge comeback.”

S. says other push presents include lingerie, trips to a resort, a personal chef for two weeks “and even custom Manolo Blahniks or Jimmy Choos with the baby’s date of birth embossed in the sole!”

And jewelry stores are noting this trend and responding with a variety of gift ideas to let new moms know just how much they and all their hard work mean. Tiffany Co. has found great success with its Celebration rings, diamond pendants andits Jazz Collection.

5. Sentimental or Personalized Gifts

Maybe your spouse doesn’t wear jewelry that much, or perhaps another individual In her life just gifted her a good & purposeful piece.

For those people, let’s have a look at some other intriguing push present ideas.

Beautiful minute with no piece of jewelry.

A Fantastic example is this household Visualize this brand new infant completes the family and add customized messages to make this a special piece that deserves a unique place in your home.

6. Pamper & Relaxation Gifts

The new mother just went through the most painful experience in her life, giving birth, and this following 9 weeks of back pain, swollen feet, and a constant need to pee.

She also deserves a little something which allows her to eventually relax, don’t you believe?

Enter, the chance for a great push present.

Give her a nice present to pamper & treat herself will be highly valued. Together with the pregnancy, it’s been quite a while since she felt like a beautiful woman, and now that it is finally around she will love some pampering & relaxation.

Bestselling Pamper & relaxation push presents comprise:

  • Body scrub: her skin continues to be true a lot, thus a very first thing that she will want to do is give it a good scrub. Coco Rose from Herbivore is popular as it unites very gentle exfoliation using a distinctive & beautiful scent.
  • Revitalizing beauty products: give her the works to pamper every inch of her body using high-quality beauty products & creams. A good example is this Clarins Double Serum Young Radiance set. It is an exceptional skincare group with products inspired by nature and elegant by science to assist clearly rejuvenate and revitalize skin. Just what she needs!
  • A Comfy robe: not only will she like to wear an ultra-comfy robe, but additionally, it will be convenient during breastfeeding sessions.
  • Toilet bombs: another great angle would be to gift her a pair of premium bath bombs, followed by the promise that you will look after the baby for an hour so that she can soak and relax.

If you believe she will be extremely pleased with a pampering & relaxation gift, I would recommend you to also have a look at our top 10 pampering gifts for her for similar gift ideas.

“Push Presents are becoming more and more popular,” says Melinda Petet, store director of the Kansas City, Mo.,Tiffany Co. on the Country Club Plaza. “Couples are waiting to have children until they’re more established, so they’re able to afford a commemorative gift like a Celebration ring. From what the couples share with me, it’s wonderful to mark such a life-changing moment with a keepsake. Then, every time she wears it, she thinks of that time in their marriage. That’s what Celebration rings are all about, celebrating life’s special moments.”

It’s difficult to say which item is the most popular to commemrate the birth of a child, says Petet. “The Elsa Peretti silver items that use hearts in the design are often chosen as gifts. Pendants and rings are also common choices,” she says. “And Celebration rings, or ‘right-hand rings,’ are really picking up in popularity.”

How To Complete The Push Present Experience?

You found the perfect push present for her, that is great. But you are not from the woods just yet.

See, aside from providing her a physical present, over anything she is looking for your support and the promise that you will be there for her to raise this kid.

That is why you want to build on this fantastic moment not to just hand her the present and tell her why you picked that specific gift but to also promise and assure her you’ll help her every step.

If you can, take parental leave immediately after the baby is born.

The first couple of weeks would be the most feverish as you continue to be fresh to being youthful, while you have to deal with visits, government, and other stuff.

Also do not forget your wife is still going to maintain significant physical pain these first weeks, which means that your fulltime presence is going to be a very welcome present.

Be Proactive and tell that you will take care of the administration, you will clean the house and prepare for the baby’s arrival while she and the baby are still at the hospital, etc..

Do this part right, and you’ll score more points as a husband than any push present itself could ever give you.

When Not To Give A Push Present?

The answer is that it’s always a fantastic idea to give her a push present, as each new mother likes a distinctive present right after she gave birth to her child. (even those who were against push gifts)

When doing the study, the sole legitimate argument I stumbled upon was that cash was tight, which there wasn’t any room to splurge on unnecessary gifts.

However, if you believe back about what we covered in the preceding points, it is not about the money, it is about the idea.

You do not have to spend big to give your wife a meaningful gift. You can go the DIY route and make something little yourself!

Here Are some simple, but thoughtful DIY push present thought:

  • Bring or prepare her favorite food she could not eat before. (like sushi etc. )
  • Give her a foot rub or massage. It doesn’t cost you anything.
  • Hire a housecleaner or clean out the home. She’ll be exhausted and coming home to a fully clean area will do wonders.
  • Compose a personal message on a wonderful card. Tell her you believe so blessed to have such a wonderful kid and spouse in your life!
  • Divide the wake-ups, infant duties & family activities

Celebrities have led us to believe that this gift has to be diamond-encrusted jewelry, but the truth is that it may be whatever. Everybody enjoys a present, and this occasion is only a fantastic excuse. We give those close to us gifts for their birthdays, anniversaries and even promotions, so why not show them that you care on the occasion of bringing a miracle to the world?

“I can’t say that I expected a gift once I had our first baby, but when my husband gave me in the hospital felt like my heart exploded,” she states. “It was not anything expensive. He had taken a photo of me holding our son right after his arrival and put it in a wonderful frame and gave it to me with a pleasant note. Having a baby is such a massive deal for a household. I think giving just a little present is just a means to commemorate a huge shift in your life.”

According to a release from Lockes Diamonds, located on Madison Avenue in New York City, 88 percent of women who gave birth in the last 12 months stated they were interested in receiving a piece of diamond jewelry to celebrate the birth of their child.

“Diamonds are a treasured keepsake that symbolizes love, beauty and eternity,” says Jodi Moss, director of marketing at Lockes Diamonds. “Lockes believes diamond jewelry provides a wonderful heirloom to celebrate and honor the birth of a child.”

Lockes Diamonds has a list of push presents for new moms that seek to reflect a woman’s individual style with unique and timeless touches. The list includes stackable diamond eternity band rings, custom-designed diamond pendants, earrings and bracelets. The pendants come in a variety of designs: lock and key, stars, three-stone pendant and a diamond initial of the newborn’s name.

But the trend isn’t limited to the coasts. According to Burdeen’s, a couture jeweler in Buffalo Grove, Ill., push presents are growing in popularity in the Midwest, too. And some women will go as far as registering at the store, noting a variety of choices for her husband to choose from a personal wish list. Other times, new dads stop by Burdeen’s on their way to visit their wives in the hospital to spontaneously choose something special from the heart.

The store always recommends jewelry pieces sophisticated enough to withstand the test of time from mother to daughter or son and into future generations. After all, this is one family heirloom with quite an important story to tell.

Push present non-jewelry ideas

1. Maid service

Cleaning her Mother will be overly busy trying to stay awake after sleepless nights having a brand new infant to focus on vacuuming, along with her spouse is certain to be fairly wiped out, also. But seeing a wrecked pile up around you may be stressful, so selecting a house cleaner to your initial two weeks could just wind up being the very best present you ever gave.

2. Newborn and household photoshoot

This one is really for Your baby is only going to be a newborn for such a long time, so many households reserve a photoshoot with a professional to catch those fleeting first month or two on the movie. Do the study so that she does not need to take action herself, be sure she enjoys that the photographer and then reserve it for a time when she believes she will be up for this. Yelp is a great place to begin searching for a regional photographer, but be certain that you look on Facebook and Google, too. The price depends heavily on where you live and what type of package you select.

3. Baby heartbeat noise wave picture

This Personalized watercolor is an exceptional way to recall the times before your baby was outside on the planet with the remainder of the household. This can be an abrupt and thoughtful present.

4. Spa and Wellness present card

She is probably not likely to be treating himself to anything that is not baby-related to get a While, so here is your opportunity to do it All these Spa and Wellness present Cards may be used at any one of over 9,000 locations nationally. Simply make sure another session of pampering she will love.

Is a push present the only gift I need to give to my wife?

No! Apart from a push present, You’re wise to also give her little Something during the pregnancy.

She Will face a good deal of inconveniences in this demanding 9 months, and you can Actually provide her some very considerate tiny gifts that could lighten her burden significantly.

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