Good Pens For Gifts

Good pens for gifts are usually considered to be traditional presents for some businessmen who would often sign documents. In such a case, pen for men denotes some prestige and high quality.

What Is The Original Pen Gift Meaning?

Giving an elegant pen gift is a sign of personal appreciation, that is an old traditional way to show respect. A gift pen set could be presented to almost any person you know: a loved one, a co-worker or a boss. And the great pens for gifts could be used for years, making this present one of the most memorable ones.

Best Pens For Gifts. What Shall You Look For?

There are lots of fancy pens for gifts on sale. And if you are searching for some gift pen to express your attention, you could easily find something that won’t destroy your budget and satisfy your taste at the same time. Still, you need to get focused on some specific details, for instance, if this nice pen for the gift will be received by the person who will use it daily or somebody who will need it on special occasions only; if your gift pen will be the one to remind about a special event or just some funny present among other ones. Consider the type of gift pen as well.

Ballpoint pen gift

Ballpoint pen gift is viewed as one of the most popular ones. Such a pen has a tiny ball at its tip, and as this ball rolls across a paper, it transfers a stream of ink in its path. Ballpoint pen gifts are the most versatile writing utensils. As such, they are the best pick for writers who require pens for everyday use, students who write down lectures, and they could also be the best pens for lawyers who may need to make a lot of notes while being prepared for the trial.

Rollerball pen gifts

Rollerball pen gifts are very similar to ballpoint pens, but the former require water-based rather than oil-based inks of the latter type. Such pen gifts are also worth being considered because there are some people who prefer such pen type to any other one. What about fountain pens, they boast a refillable ink reservoir and a pointed nib. Fountain pens are different from other types of pen gifts because they require more maintenance and attention.

You can choose between fountain pens, ballpoint pens, gel pens, rollerball pens, felt-tip pens, glitter pens, and much more.

  • Fountain pens are better to give out handwritten notes, or to sign on documents.
  • Rollerball pens are best used to take notes and write down the minutes at the business meeting.
  • Gel pens can be used when you want to sketch, make entries in a journal, make a signature, for example.
  • Felt-tip pens are best used when you’re sketching and for arts and craft activities.
  • A ballpoint pen is more suitable for every-day writing.
  • Glitter pens are ideal for handwritten letters or greeting cards.

Expensive pens for gifts should also be mentioned because it’s a great pride to have high-quality pen sets.  Luxury pens make people feel more important.

Business Pens

A sign of the status

Surely, the best business pens are a sign of the status of the person who owns it. And if your husband starts a career, some high-quality pen sets for him will be absolutely necessary. Having tested some high-quality gift pens, you would like to have one of your own. Right, are those people who understand the hype around luxury pens. Quality pens are typically heavier and more balanced than run-of-the-mill writing tools.

They are tailored to the recipient’s style

Expensive pens for gifts are a good option to choose because they are tailored to the recipient’s style. In case you don’t know exactly what luxury gift pen to buy, select a pen with a timeless style and classic colorway.


Consider proficiency as well. To make proper conclusions about the gift pen, scrutinize its proficiency on paper. Clean, uninterrupted stream of ink shows the good quality of the gift pen you focus on. The line may be fine or thick depending on the size of a pen’s nib or ballpoint. Ink bleeding or becoming thinner is not acceptable.


What concerns maintenance, gift pens are different in this aspect as well. For example, fountain pens require ongoing maintenance: the tip of the pen (the nib) shall be rinsed after each use; the cartridge shall be refilled when the ink runs low. The process of refilling an empty ink bladder, and transferring the ink from your replacement ink cartridge can be messy and time-consuming. If you suspect maintenance of a fountain pen gift set is not a strong point of the person who will get it, it’s better to choose a ballpoint pen with a replaceable cartridge.

Pens For Gifts Shall Be Beautiful And Attractive!

Certainly, pens for gifts shall be beautiful and attractive. The best pens for men are glossy metal or lacquered barrels. They are mostly of silver, gold, black, and red color. If the recipient of your gift pen set still has specific color preferences, you may always find something suitable on the market. Nice pens for gifts could also be engraved, but smooth gift pens shall not be disregarded because they may also be cute and attractive. Gift pens with silver or gold trim around the tip, middle, and bottom of their barrels are the most popular ones.

High-quality pens for gifts are not usually cheap, especially if you choose between the best pen brands to gift. Nevertheless, prices vary. And you could always find a lot of refillable pens under $50. If you’re looking to commemorate an important milestone event, then you’re better off with something in the $100 to $200 range.

Whom Are Gift Pen Sets Suitable For?

Almost any. Writing tools are used by everyone from real estate agents to grocery buyers. A nice gift pen could become a good sign of your respect to some business partner, a demonstration of your appreciation to your family practitioner,  a good way to show your belief in the business future of your son if it is a luxury pen for men.

What Occasions Could A Gift Pen Be Used In?

Various. Starting from signing some essential documents (typical for business persons) to keeping the diary (typical for romantic teenage girls). As a matter of fact, love notes are also traditionally written with a pen, not printed) In any case, creative and intellectual persons would always like quality pen sets as a gift.

The List Of The Topmost Giftable Pens

The list of the topmost giftable pens below could be useful for you. All occasions and budgets considered, it will make your purchase easier.

Waterman Carène Black Sea Fountain Pen

That’s a leader among gift ink pens. Being produced with a French company with an extensive pen-making history, this is surely a nice pen gift. The Carène, one of the company’s top-tier options, is an exemplary writing utensil with a glossy barrel and silver-plated accents.

 Waterman Carene Black Sea St Fountain PenCheck Price

The nib is made from stunning rhodium-plated 18-karat gold. The package – a  midnight blue gift box – is rather suitable for special occasions. Your pen gift could also be accompanied by a bottle of the recipient’s favorite color Waterman ink, which will demonstrate your special attention.

  • Palladium-plated clip and trim
  • Glossy black finish
  • The rhodium-plated 18-karat solid gold nib
  • Waterman gift box with a converter
  • Crafted in France
  • Eight optional ink colors
  • The company is over 100 years old
  • Glides smooth
  • Expensive
  • Wide lines

Pilot Custom 823 Plunger

Its black barrel equipped with a transparent viewing window looks rather elegant. Combined with a gold clip and trim supply, it makes this gift pen design greatly sophisticated.  With that said, the 823’s dominating characteristic is its 14-karat gold nib. This luxury gift pen is the ideal gift for momentous occasions, such as weddings and graduations.

PILOT"CUSTOM 823Check Price

Another great advantage is the convenience of the filling system that is prevented from running out of ink. The fact that the pen comes in a refined blue gift box with a built-in ink converter makes the pen set gift even more attractive for customers.

  • Plunger filling system
  • Skeletal body with transparency window
  • 14-karat gold nib
  • Elegant gift box with built-in filling mechanism
  • Fits 1.5 milliliters of ink
  • Gold trim and clip
  • Great hand feel
  • End caps
  • Expensive
  • Atypical aesthetics

Parker Sonnet Black Lacquer Fountain Pen

This fountain pen gift set fits those who value their money. Because there are many affordable gift-worthy options. The Parker Sonnet is an inexpensive pen that makes a memorable present.

Parker Sonnet Black Lacquer Fountain PenCheck Price

A Parker gift box contains a black lacquer barrel with charming 18-karat gold trim. A sensational design of the gift pen itself, smooth and even lines produced, a great feeling of keeping it in your hand – all this makes it a really great choice for many consumers.

  • Black lacquer barrel
  • 18-karat gold trim
  • End caps
  • Gold clip and cap with engraved arrowhead pattern
  • Comes with Parker gift box
  • Handcrafted ink reservoir
  • Fine steel nib with a stylish pattern
  • Black ink
  • Affordable
  • Ink dries out easily

Kaweco AL Sport Fountain Pen

If you are looking for a more practical option, that fountain gift pen is what you need. Frankly speaking, this pen for the gift – Kaweco  AL Sport –  is a more practical option for non-milestone occasions. It could be a nice pen gift for Christmas, for example.

Good Pens For GiftsCheck Price

Several colors available, including rose gold, brass, and deep red, this beautiful gift pen could be given to him or her. A vintage Kaweco gift tin used to pack this awesome sporty-shaped writing tool is also available for you to buy. The pen comes with six black ink cartridges at the price lower than that of competitors.

  • Comes with a fine nib and six ink cartridges
  • Available in a range of colors
  • Vintage Kaweco Gift Tin
  • Less than $100
  • Defined contours
  • End cap
  • Heavy yet bell-balanced
  • Smooth, uninterrupted lines
  • Pocket-sized
  • Excellent gift
  • Modern aesthetics
  • Inferior materials

Beiluner Luxury Fountain Pen Set

It is a budget-friendly fountain pen set including a luxury pen, ink refill converter, gift case, and six cartridges. A sleek stainless steel exterior with classic details, a smooth body with bullet-like contours, and little weight make this gift pen a good alternative as a present. A clip and cap provide safety from leaking when this pen is held in the pocket or the bag.

Good Pens For GiftsCheck Price

With the help of this gift pen, you could administer beautiful calligraphy to paper with ease. With a top-of-the-line stainless steel nib that glides across the paper for consistent lines and ink flow. The cartridges are simple to fit and a tactile stainless steel body makes it enjoyable to write smoothly on different types of paper without scratches or snagging.

Good Pens For Gifts

It’s well-constructed and suits both left and right-handed writers. It is complete with 6 black ink cartridges, easy to use ink refill converter, and a luxurious gift case with the pen maker’s logo embossed on the front and sides. The instructions for loading the pen are very easy to follow, the pen box could also be used to keep extra cartridges and unused converter. All this makes this pen set a wonderful present for almost any person not depending on the status or age!

  • Six black ink cartridges
  • Stainless steel nib
  • Sharp stainless steel body
  • Classic style
  • Gift box that doubles as a converter
  • Sightly weighted
  • Precision cap
  • Satisfaction guaranteed
  • Low price

Waterman Hémisphère Ballpoint Pen

This is one of the best pens because of its great performance power. While this pen is inexpensive, many people would estimate its designer qualities. It has an elegantly slim design for a delicate lightness when writing and a sophisticated silhouette. Skillfully constructed ballpoint tip produces flawless lines that dry quickly, giving you free reign for spontaneous expression – anytime, anywhere. Works well with a premium dark blue Waterman gift box.

Waterman Hémisphère Ballpoint PenCheck Price

  • 23-karat gold trim
  • Medium point
  • Comes with blue ink cartridge
  • Sophisticated dark blue Waterman gift box
  • Black lacquered barrel
  • Slim clip
  • Flawless lines
  • Perfect for gifting
  • Rough on paper
  • Inferior twists

Parker Jotter Premium Bond Street Black GT Ballpoint Pen

This Parker pen gift is one of the best retractable pens. Many customers adore it because it features a durable stainless steel barrel with a glossy black finish. A classic look accented with high-shine gold-finish trims and an arrowhead clip is not the only advantage that may attract you. Second, the tip retracts with a click of a button which keeps pockets and bags safe from ink leaking. Third, the modest price of this Parker gift pen makes it available even for college students. On the other hand, it’s a perfect and indispensable accessory for business meetings. Packaged in a cute gift box, this gift pen would be a nice present almost on any occasion you may imagine!

Parker Jotter Premium Bond Street Black GT Ballpoint Pen, Gift BoxCheck Price

  • Stainless steel barrel
  • Glossy black finish
  • Parker gift box
  • Compatible with gel ink
  • Engraved with an arrowhead design
  • Gold accents
  • Great weight
  • Refined lines
  • Great for extended writing sessions
  • Poor angling
  • Plastic components

Cross ATX Brushed Chrome Ballpoint Pen with Etched Diamond Pattern

This ballpoint pen gift is worth considering too. It has a machined carbide ball that dispenses smooth, break-free ribbons of ink. The tip rolls across a paper with the utmost precision. Specially formulated ink that flows flawlessly for a superior writing experience allows producing refined turns and bleed-free swivel, not depending on what ink or paper is used. This gift pen is characterized by a sophisticated urban aesthetic and may turn to be a nice pen for men.

Cross ATX Brushed Chrome Ballpoint Pen with Etched Diamond PatternCheck Price

  • Carbide ballpoint
  • Low maintenance
  • Excellent swivels
  • Retractable tip
  • Easy to hold
  • Available in a range of finishes
  • Compatible with a range of ink colors and widths
  • Machined diamond pattern on steel
  • Urban design
  • Noisy click

Fisher Space Bullet Pen

Have you ever heard that Fisher Space pen is the only option that has been publicly approved by NASA astronauts? According to the producer, this pen can be used in the zero-gravity conditions of outer space. Moreover, it works at temperatures ranging from -30 to 250 degrees. It’s not for sure that the recipient of your gift pen may need these options, but it could make be a great idea of the pen as a gift, especially for him, because men like something functional but unusual.

Fisher Space Pen Bullet PenCheck Price

So, this gift pen is incredibly durable, it could provide performance for hours. Another advantage of that writing tool is that it is rather attractive. It boasts a rounded barrel with matte black paint and a removable black clip. A lifetime guarantee against manufacturing defects is provided as well.

  • Works at every angle
  • Writes in gravity-free space
  • Hand-tested
  • Removable clip
  • Matte black exterior
  • Gel ink
  • Approved by NASA
  • Writes underwater
  • Lines can be faint

Pen Set Gift

Pen set gift is a great idea too. Because you could present a really functional and useful writing tool in the box suitable for it, which will make it a wonderful gift for any occasion. Branded pens are great gifts for people. You can check out Parker Jotter SS GT ballpoint pen with cardholder,

or Parker Vector standard rollerball pen + ballpen,

Leather Journal Gift Set with Antique Leather Bookmark + Pen

Leather Journal Gift Set with Antique Leather Bookmark + PenCheck Price

Cross Luxury Gift Set Blue Translucent Ballpoint Pen and 0.7mm Pencil

 Cross Luxury Gift SetCheck Price

Engraved Cross Pen Set

Engraved Cross Pen SetCheck Price

Our digital epoch does not stop us from using pens, especially beautiful ones. No matter how technologically advanced we get, a pen as a gift makes a good choice. And whether you choose expensive pens for gifts or some affordable ones, the main point is that whenever the person who gets your gift pen uses it, he or she will recall you and your attention. Best pens for men or women, for lovers or friends, for your boss or co-workers could be easily bought online. A huge variety and multiplicity of writing tools would give you a chance to find something to meet your demands as a customer.

Ask Yourself These Questions, And Then Decide On A Pen As A Gift

To get it all right, think of the recipient and answer several questions before you pay for the gift pen.

Are these going to be gift pens for him or her?

What about men, they usually prefer a chunky pen barrel, which is easier to grip in a larger-sized hand (such as Waterman Carene). A weighty pen also has a more solid and secure feeling, offering a greater sense of control. If you don’t know that person so well, it is better to choose a gift pen with a classic design.

What about girls, they would prefer slimline pens (such as Waterman Hemisphere) which are better for a more feminine hand, have an elegant look, and greater control (necessary for the smaller hand).

Lighter in weight, easy to be carried in a small bag, various in colors (pink and pearl are very popular), these gift pens would be ideal if they match the style of her handbag. Fancy pens for gifts are numerous, choose the color she likes, and it will make your day!

How old is the person you will give this gift pen to?

For a child, a more ergonomic design is preferable. The Lamy Safari is highly recommended for children, with a robust design ideal for extended periods of writing.

Similarly, for someone older, a lightweight and ergonomic pen is a good match (especially if they have arthritis), such as the Yoropen or Faber-Castell Grip. Older people may also find chunkier pens easier to hold.

What is the profession of the recipient?

The answer to this question may be important because it determines how much this pen will be used. You should also consider the priorities of that person. Some people do not care much about the look of a pen and pay more attention to its performance. While for some people, the branded pen is the most important thing. Either way, you should learn the preferences of the person you will give this gift pen to. The good news is that most of the branded pens come with great looks along with great writing.

Expensive pens for gifts fit the corporate environment to show the colleagues you mean business and pay attention to the finer details. Teachers and students write for long periods, and so comfort will be in the first place for them. Designers and artists value cutting-edge design and modern aesthetics, so consider brands first. Those who have a lot of business travels may prefer a pocket-sized pen, and ballpoint pens are better because they are less likely to leak.

What is the style of the recipient?

Is the recipient flamboyant, reserved, bohemian, fashion-conscious, gadget-obsessed? Check what may be the best color, pattern, and overall design to match your gift pen to someone’s style.

Would you like to engrave the gift pen?

Engraving the pen adds a personal touch, making a truly special gift. But would you prefer a subtle or bold engraving? Chrome pens produce a subtle 2 tone effect, whilst a lacquered pen produces a more striking finish. Engraved initials are understated, whilst a full line of text allows a really personal message (but may detract from the pen). Using an italic font is highly recommended as it is the most decorative and popular.

What is the occasion you are going to give this gift pen on?

Feather quill pens make a beautiful gift for a wedding, whilst a sterling silver or gold fountain pen is well suited for a landmark anniversary. On the other hand, a gift for colleagues could be classic. A good idea is to attach a logo of the company. Or the name of the person plus the logo of the company.

What is your budget?

In fact, that’s the last question to ask. Because relationships, your desire to please the person, and some other factors could matter more. But if you have a particular brand in mind, try to select the collections from the brand that falls under your price range.

The comfort check is quite an important step, anyway. Whenever buying a pen, you should have a comfort check for them. Hold the pen and see if you feel comfortable with the pen if it is heavy or light if it suits the person you are going to congratulate with some special event. Ideally, the right pen should not feel heavy towards the front or towards the end. But it could also depend if it’s a present for him or her. Gift pens could be various, but it’s for you to choose what present to give.

Our Conclusions

To sum up, you must have heard the saying, ‘A pen is mightier than a sword’. This proverb means that words are more influential than weapons when you would like to convey a point or accomplish your purpose or give some message. What is more, you, surely, must have a pen when you need to sign a document, take notes, or sketch in a journal. People have different preferences, but in any case, having a pen as a writing instrument is essential!

Drawing, or sketching, it doesn’t matter, they need a pen. Some people like to use one type of writing instrument, while others prefer to have a huge collection of pens. Some of them like to have a pen for daily work, another person will take a special one for the meeting. So, everybody needs a pen. A pen is a perfect gift to a friend, colleague, relative, or boss. Gift pen sets are ideal options for your office colleagues and friends too. Moreover, pen sets are also a perfect and thoughtful gift for your loved ones. You can buy gift pen sets shaped differently or you could decorate a pen in your own style. Anyway, the person who will get it will be absolutely happy!

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