How to Make Gift Bow Unique and Exclusive

how to make a gift bow out of ribbon

There are many fun ways to decorate your gifts, but one of the greatest ways is to tie your cute box with a bow wrapping or a gift bow that you make yourself! That is the guarantee it will be unique and show your individual attitude to the person of honor.

You could choose the ribbon and color scheme yourself to make your ribbon gift bows extra special or you could use some gift bow tutorial with detailed instructions to follow. Bows for gifts could be made out of ribbons in different ways, and gift bows can be made with as many loops as you could wish and any style or size of ribbon 2.5 to 10 cm wide.

Knowing how to make a gift bow in any shape and size using any width ribbon is, certainly, one of the most useful skills you’ll learn for gift wrapping.

Before you go further and learn how to make a gift bow out of ribbon get prepared. Purchase some materials you may need. A double-sided ribbon is a good idea for bows on gifts, first of all, because, any drawbacks will be unnoticed.

That means you shall not be worried about your ribbon getting twisted. The double-sided ribbon will help to ensure that the right side is always facing up! The wired ribbon used, you will have a variety of shapes.

What else, it’s easier to arrange. Remember to use sharp scissors that leave clean cuts, even through multiple layers. It’s easy to learn how to make a wrapping bow. You only need to get started! A bit of practice, and you will be able to teach your cousins how to make a present ribbon look so nice!

How to Make a Gift Bow: Detailed Instruction

When you make a gift bow you are twisting the ribbon when you make every second loop to give the bow look full. This bow is made with 6 loops.

The ribbon used here is a 1-inch wide satin ribbon that is the same on both sides. Do not cut the ribbon when you start making a gift bow, you may never be 100 percent sure what exact length shall be chosen. 76 cm of ribbon is usually enough for 6 loops.

Holding it about 2.5 inches from the end pinch, make a loop about 2 inches long (you would use about 5 inches of ribbon to make the loop) and bring it to your fingers and clip it. 

While you are still pinching the ribbon, twist it so the opposite side of the ribbon to form the next loop. This is to give the bow dimension. Make your second loop.  Both loops should be the same size. The other loops made shall have the same size as the previous ones.

It’s better if you tie the middle of the gift bow. Here a white twist tie to tie off the middle of the bow is used. Both ends of the bow are to be cut on a diagonal.

For the loops look full, you could fluff up the bow. It’s easy: just put your finger inside a loop and tug it so you get the shape you desire. Using the same ribbon, you could tie the middle so that the twist tie is hidden.

If you followed our recommendation and left the ribbon long, we hope you could succeed to provide bow wrapping around your gift now. If not, you could always use another ribbon to tie the gift bow and make your composition look elaborate.

To estimate (at least, approximately) the amount of the ribbon needed, you need to determine the diameter of the bow, multiply the measurement by the number of loops you would like to get finally and add the lengths which will be necessary for the tails and the central loop.

how to make gift bow

For a multicolored bow, work with two or three ribbons held together, narrow ribbons just over the wider.

The higher quality of your ribbon is, the better your gift bow will be. With good satin ribbon if you make a mistake and the ribbon is a bit wrinkled you can easily iron it smooth again. When you use a wired ribbon, you will be able to maneuver much more when it is finished and shape the gift bow as you wish. As a matter of fact, if you need ‘third hand’, and ribbons seem to be slippery or thick, or you would like to make really large ribbon gift bows with lots of loops, use some bow-making tool, i.e. some fixture or jig to keep the center on its place.

Very often gift wrapping sets the spirit of your holiday. The first impression made will add to the excitement and anticipation of the holiday. Once you learn how to make a gift bow you will find that you will constantly decorate your gifts using all your creative abilities and talents!

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