Gift Ideas To Celebrate National Boss’s Day

when is boss appreciation day 2020

My first boss, Mr. Ross, was committed to excellence. According to his words, second-best did not lead to success. He always set high standards and wanted us to be proactive. And Mr. Ross understood that commissions and bonuses were not enough to motivate the team. The fast-paced and high-pressure environment usually seems to be exciting for a few weeks or months only, then burnout becomes inevitable. But the way Mr. Ross dealt with us was unique. Being a person of passion and dedication, he always was a great source of inspiration. I used to hang on every word of his.

My story: Boss appreciation day 2016

So, National Boss’s Day (Boss day, 2016), or “Hallmark” holiday, became the first chance for me as a novice to show my gratitude to my boss. And you know, I would have never taken Boss Appreciation Day, 2016 so seriously if I had not seen others running around.  Their agitated faces made me suspicious that Boss Appreciation Day, 2016 was going to be something special, but I could not understand why.

national boss appreciation day 2020

Surely, this is a tribute to the one who helps you to survive and maintain your family, but still, I wondered about all this fuss around 2016 National Boss Day. To my surprise, for a crew, it was a kind of a competition like ‘Employee of the Month’ aimed at finding the best Boss Day ideas and implement them. Organizing fireworks or going to India were not the craziest of them.

All of my confreres did their best to look decent and to show their appreciation to the boss. They were constantly surfing on the Internet while trying to find the best Boss Day 2016 ideas and were turning the shops inside out to get some exclusive boss day 2016 gifts. They did succeed. To my mind, at least.

when is national boss's day 2020

The special day comes. You know, the Boss’s Day is usually October, 16th. But as it shall become the day off to make both a boss and subordinates be happy, the nearest working day can be announced Boss’s Day. When is Boss Appreciation Day 2016? On October 17th is the answer. So, all of us gather in a huge hall. Have I mentioned I worked as a porter in the Hilton Hotel at that time? No? Now you know.

To honor our boss, we decorated the room with alive flowers, everything was glittering with cleanliness. Although bringing a small token as a gift for Boss’s Day was usually enough, many of us considered it mandatory to bother so much as to bring something out-and-outer or hand-made. Trying to express our deepest appreciation we brought a lot of gift cards, homemade cookies, and personalized gifts. Some of them were so carefully packed I could believe they covered some top secret files))

when is national boss's day 2020

National Boss’s day 2016 was a pretty good day which made me understand that working relationships are not limited with critical remarks and reprimands. That is far more than silently following the instructions. That is the atmosphere of mutual respect and trust our boss shall be thanked for, at least once a year, on Boss Day, 2016. As for me, I presented the Best Boss Award because I believed everyone likes to win. ‘Keep that competitive spirit! Be the best!’ it read. Only after years, I was aware that getting such a personal award from a porter was strange, if not embarrassing… 

National boss appreciation day 2017

National Boss’s Day, 2017 was on October 16th, as the tradition dictates. Gift ideas for a male boss are numerous and various. Men are not so choosy as women are, and male bosses are usually happy with the surroundings organized properly and everybody treated with delicious meals rather than with some exclusive presents they will never use. It’s always better to choose something inexpensive but related to a passion or hobby of his.

boss appreciation day 2016

But National Boss Day 2017 was out-of-the-way because for me National Boss Appreciation Day, 2017 was the day to give tribute to a female boss. Could you imagine anything tougher? She was so stylish and well-maintained no monogrammed leather laptop briefcases, apple watches or custom Boss’s Day Trophies could impress her. What else, I didn’t want her to feel awkward or confused. And although I was her personal assistant I believed a gift card and flowers would be the best way to show my appreciation.

You know, I am a boss today. And the Boss’s Day is coming. I see my people searching for some boss’s day 2020 gift ideas on the Internet because I have a good surveillance system, and I would not like them to repeat my mistakes. Personalized crystal awards to congratulate anybody could be a funny idea but only once. When I saw unhappy faces of my previous bosses I learned this lesson well.

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