Romantic Gifts

Romantic Gifts

Finding an unconventional idea for a romantic gift is a very difficult task. Be creative! First, study these ideas!

French Rabbit. This can be elaborate or inexpensive. This was arranged by a wife for her husband and takes a lot of preplanning. She went to several stores and purchased gifts and made arrangements with the store to give her husband the gift and the next clue when he arrived. She sent him off in a limo with the first clue. The clue told him the name of the store and he was to go in and ask for the “French Rabbit”. It was a lot of fun because the store personnel was watching for him. As I recall he was sent to a candy store and got candy, a clothing store, a place where he was given cologne and several others and ended up at a hotel where she met him and had reservations for the night. It could also be arranged to meet her somewhere for dinner or end up at home for a nice dinner.

On the way to the car after church one Sunday, I put a gun (water gun of course) against my husband’s side and told him that I was kidnapping him for the afternoon and he was to do everything I told him to do. We drove to a city about 30 miles away, went to a nice place for dinner, a Sunday movie matinee, a hotel room and was back home by bedtime. After such a fun afternoon my husband often asked me when I was going to kidnap him again!

When Rhonda and Alan had their last wedding anniversary Alan made special arrangements with a local restaurant to be ready when they arrived for their date. He had purchased a plastic tablecloth, prior to the occasion, and written memories all over it with a permanent marker. He also had a bouquet of a dozen roses on the table. During dinner, they read the things Alan had written and together added other special memories.

On our 6-month anniversary, Jerry sent me 6 pink rosebuds. He was in basic training after being drafted during the Viet Nam era.

My sister gave my husband and me an anniversary do-it-yourself basket. The basket included a large candle, a CD of romantic piano music, a bottle of non-alcoholic wine, two wine glasses and a small cake that she baked and decorated.

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