The Best Family Reunion Gift Basket Ideas

family gift basket ideas

Family reunion party is a serious event many people get prepared for months. Among lots of things to care for are family reunion gift bags. To find some amazing family gift basket ideas is absolutely necessary to make this date memorable for everybody. For you to have some idea what to start with and how to find the best family reunion gift bag ideas we offer some useful tips.

Make a plan

First of all, make a plan. Remember to determine a date and location. If there are lots of relatives who plan to come you may even need to send them a survey or a letter to find out how to coordinate all of them better. Second, appoint some assistants or find volunteers among your family members. You will be surprised, but searching for family reunion gift bag ideas is not the most complex task to do.

family gift basket idea


Thus, you will need to delegate some responsibilities to the person who will find a suitable place and negotiate about group discounts; the person who will communicate with other family members and explain all peculiarities of the upcoming event; the person who will track those who will come; the person who will think of activities for people of different ages (several generations are expected, be ready for a boom!); the person who will be in charge of name tags, identify everybody and seat the guests.

Keep in mind all of them shall be treated, some snacks for the potluck maybe not enough. And the reunion chairperson needs copies of pertinent information, such as contracts with food vendors, updated registration information, and lodging details.

family reunion gift idea

Minimize the budget

What else, the budget shall be minimized for the participants; keeping within budget may be a big factor of attendance as some families determine their expenses for the next year. If all agree to some more-expensive get-togethers such as cruises, monthly payment options may be suggested. Give an idea of the price in the first communication about the reunion.

Ask your family about their reunion gift basket ideas

As a matter of fact, during this first conversation, you may ask other family members about their family reunion gift basket ideas. Some of them may have some brilliant family reunion gift ideas to share, but some distant relatives may feel too shy to do it.

family reunion gift bags

Send invitations

Send invitations as early as possible. Lots of options are available nowadays. You may order some flyers or be more environmentally friendly and send out e-mails. That’s great from another angle as well, because people may set automatic reminders and keep an important event in mind.

Make a private event page on Facebook

You could also incite interest if you make a private event page on Facebook and invite people to join. Involve everybody you could! By the moment the Proud Day comes, you may have had lots of amazing stories and cute photos on your website!

family reunion gift bag

The Great Day comes

When the Great Day comes some welcoming committee shall greet the guests. Some icebreaker activities are to be offered immediately because some guests of yours could live so far from each other they have never had a chance to meet.

Playing golf, or organizing mall trips or excursions to historical sites are also good ideas to implement. No matter how different your relatives are, your family heritage is one thing you all have in common. Celebrate this event by making a family photo album (everyone could bring pictures and fill in a page), a book of family stories, a video of reunion footage, or a family recipe book.

family reunion gift bag ideas

The best family reunion gift basket ideas

And here we come to the discussion of the best family reunion gift basket ideas. Personalized family reunion gift basket ideas may include custom photo blankets, photo tote bags, or a photo book. Your individual masterpiece may contain as many photos as you wish.

Many photos

Some photos are so exclusive, they capture some emotional moments or some rare event they are worth being recalled daily. Besides photos, your personalized family reunion gift bag may have some accompanying text to make this keepsake meaningful. This gift may become family heirloom for several generations of your family.

family reunion gift basket ideas

For younger participants who adore their smartphone a custom photo phone case is suitable. You could also involve and interact with all the attendees – you could make your guests busy with a photo puzzle. It is a marvelous family reunion gift idea as photo puzzles could be made in kid-friendly sizes or could be as huge and made up of many parts.

Photo puzzles would keep all the family who could get such a family reunion gift busy for many evenings and have lots of fun on memorable event associations. Photo mousepads, although not necessary if you have optical or laser mouse, seem to be a good family reunion gift idea for older people who are computer-friendly. If you add some monogram or special pictures you could design something to convey the perfect sentiment.

family reunion gift bag ideas

Matching photo mugs with your favorite photo memories, dishwasher and microwave safe, are inexpensive but still very cute family reunion gift idea. Enjoy your morning coffee smiling at your family members’ company. Photo magnets customized with a photo, some family joke, or quotation of your grandpa bring all your memories alive and make the perfect family reunion gift idea.

family reunion gift basket ideas

Some family reunion gift ideas are unique. A stylish flower pot with your family’s last name initial is a great keepsake of your time together. Everyone will be grateful if such a  flower pot is hand-made or there is some reminder about reunion place, for example, some local flower.

family gift basket ideas

Custom Christmas ornaments and decorations with your family’s name would be a memorable treasure for all your family members, for sure. When the magic period of the New Year preparations comes, all will be happy decorating the Christmas tree with special reunion gifts.

A good family reunion gift idea is to have some personalized luggage taps with your family name made. Some funny pictures could also be added, and those who are supposed to travel to get to the place of destination may be sent these luggage taps in advance.

family gift basket idea

The family recipe book

Some ideas for family reunion gifts appear on the surface. For example, many families have family recipes that are handed through the generations and are loved by everybody. The greatest way to honor the legacy of your family is to collect all family recipes in one recipe book with beautiful bookbinding decorated with family monogram.

family reunion gift idea

Everyone can contribute their recipe of choice and feel involved. Some brownies, cookies, rice crispy treats, and candy can become suitable family reunion gifts as well. And one more master chef idea is to share some recipes by giving directions on mason jar with the ingredients layered neatly inside. You may also organize some cooking competitions. But the probability value of the elder generation representative to win is rather high!

Some smaller kids could also contribute. Their drawings which always look so cute could be printed on tea towels, and everybody will like such a sentimental gift.

family reunion gift bags

Your family tree

The most personalized family reunion gift idea is to print your family tree. It’s a great topic for discussion, and it will immortalize your family lineage. Using different frame designs you could find the pattern that suits any interior. You could also leave the family tree ‘cells’ or ‘leaves’ empty and engage everybody in the time-consuming but funny game ‘Find yourself and let others learn some funny facts about you’.

Organize a lottery

Organize a lottery, but make an agreement that everyone will split the jackpot if they have any. This will build suspense and give everyone a better chance of winning the prize. Excited and enthusiastic, every attendee will scratch off their tickets.

Some guests who have never had a chance to attend the place where the reunion party is organized may be given gift cards to use at the local restaurants, local coffee shops, ice cream parlors, or candy stores.

family reunion gift bag

Family reunion gifts shall be memorable

One important remark is family reunion gifts shall not be rather expensive, but memorable. Everyone shall get a keepsake that will remind them of the special time shared by the family at the reunion party. You can have plastic customized water bottles. Nobody will be losing their water at this family reunion if you have water bottle tags! These could be some customized photo pillows to have a pillow fight afterward or some funny souvenirs with your family name or monogram.

The main point is that when you are looking for some wonderful family reunion ideas be sure that you’ve taken everything into account: how to meet and please the guests, how to make them feel comfortable and, surely, how to find the perfect favors for all of them! Good luck!

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