Valentine’s Party Themes

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Winter time makes everybody lose energy, some people feel frustrated, sad, and even depressed. But the solution is here to arrive! Valentine’s party! That’s the day when you could meet your friends and relatives, when there is a good reason to have a lot of fun, to decorate your place with some pink or red décor, making everybody cheerful and entertaining your guests with a lot of various Valentine day activities! Don’t you know what Valentine party theme to focus on? Don’t worry! Here are lots of suggestions, and you will surely like some of them!

Valentine’s day themes could be aimed at organizing some celebration for children or adults, a crowd of people or a small group, some close company or even the persons who have never met before. In any case, a lot of fun is guaranteed!

Valentine’s Party Themes

Have you heard that there is one more funny tradition to celebrate – Galentine’s Day (derived from ‘gal’ plus ‘valentine’)? It originates from TV sitcom ‘Parks and Recreation’ where one of the main characters Leslie Knope explained the made-up holiday, Galentine’s Day. It was every February 13th, and all lady friends leave their husbands and boyfriends at home, and ladies celebrate ladies.

Valentine’s Day Themed Parties

Some actual Galentine’s Day celebrations involve getting together with friends to exchange small gifts and eat brunch, especially waffles. So, why not make Valentine’s Day even more wonderful and memorable by preceding it with another good party?

Whether you’re hosting a Galentine’s Day gathering, valentine’s party or just something festive for the adults (dating only, married or coupled-up) in your life, lots of Valentine’s day party themes are available. And here you may find inspiration for your Valentine’s day party names, Valentine’s party décor, Valentine’s themes for games, food, and favors, and so on. A perfectly chosen Valentine’s day theme will lift your spirits, for sure!

Valentine’s Party Themes

Whether you are a room mom looking for unusual Valentine’s Day party ideas for your class, a youth group leader seeking a unique opportunity, or an ordinary guy searching for a way to spice up that special date, Valentine’s day ideas below could really be helpful for you! Planning efforts for Valentine’s party could be really simple if you analyze the ideas other people have and then just apply them on that special day!


Choice of Valentine’s day party theme could be very essential because half of the celebration is made when you have a perfect Valentine’s day theme in mind. If you choose a suitable party theme for Valentine’s Day you will set the proper mood and you will spread love among your guests (or, maybe, your special guest would be impressed a lot!)

Valentine’s Party Themes

What are the main ideas to be kept in mind?

Day or Night?

First, determine if your Valentine day party theme shall refer to day or night time. Will you host an early day get-together or an evening event? In fact, whatever time for your Valentine party you choose, it may be wonderful anyway, but some Valentine’s party theme may turn to be more suitable depending on that factor.


Second, who are the guests you are going to welcome at your special Valentine’s Day party? Ideas for the party may be distinguished if you invite co-workers or friends, plan a celebration for family or children. Or, maybe, you’ll be hosting for the love day soiree. You should also consider that some Valentine’s themes suit for almost any group you gather, others are to be applied for people of a certain age only, for example.

Valentine’s Party Themes

The Location of the Celebration

Third, ask yourself the question if the location for you to hold your Valentine’s party matters. Of course, it does. Even Valentine’s event names may differ depending on the place where you are going to organize your party! If hosting at home, styles of your Valentine’s party could be mixed or even depend on your mood. Parties held in venues or public spaces may limit your options.

Valentine’s Party Themes


Valentine’s party style can be casual or formal. Ask yourself if you are planning a casual gathering or a more formal party. Choose some specific celebratory style depending on your Valentine’s party theme selection. You can create a more elegant event with some themes. Valentine party ideas based on some casual style could be more flexible.

Valentine’s Party Themes


One more important question that will surely arise is that of your Valentine’s party budget. You shall know how much you could spend on that celebration. If your budget is limited, you may use some cute ideas which do not require much investment. For example, Pink piggy bank decorated with red hearts. Some bigger budget could be necessary if you organize Valentine’s party in a formal style.

The Classic Valentine’s Party Theme

To keep it classic with this Valentine’s theme party idea is rather easy because lots of retailers tend to be stocked up on pre-printed red and pink décor with all the classic Valentine’s symbols like hearts and cupids. Traditional décor always makes safe choice. Write ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’ everywhere and celebrate that special day with those whom you really love! Everyone will enjoy making the most of a Happy Valentine’s Day with those people whom they love and who matter so much in their lives!

Valentine’s Party Themes

Like Easter and Christmas, Valentine’s Day has already got its own color palette, which is pink and red. Pink and red hearts and flowers are a must, that’s what you shall traditionally expect to see in any Valentine’s party recommendations. That gives you an easy start on your party planning, but you could make these ideas fresh if you research the Internet a little bit and use your imagination!

Valentine’s Party Themes

Some newest and best Valentine’s Day party ideas include a photo-op fringe wall, an Instagram-worthy cupcake, and candy bar, some adorable party favors making your guests feel loved, and many other things, starting with the invitations to the decorations, the food, and takeaways. All this will help you to organize a perfect love-inspired party!

Valentine’s Party Themes

Yummy Valentine’s Party Themes

Valentine’s day theme party connected with something sweet is a really good choice! Because Valentine’s Day is so sweet for more reasons than one! These party themes for your event are so numerous and various you will have no trouble to choose! You may treat your guests with chocolate, champagne, or oysters… Again, to some extent, it depends on your budget.

On the other hand, why not ask some friends of yours to bring some treats they like? In such a case, everybody will invest in this Valentine’s party a little, but will get a lot of pleasure! Indulge in each of these delicious ideas before you settle on the sweetest one:

Chocolate Tasting Party

Chocolate Valentine’s party is aimed at irresistible chocolate tasting. It’s a delightful way to celebrate. If you still find it to be too much sugary choose the variant below.

Valentine’s Party Themes

Oysters and Champagne Theme

Valentine’s Party Themes

Fashionable and trendy atmosphere will certainly be provided with opened oysters and glasses of champagne. It’s a fancy Valentine’s party theme that your guests would adore. They will recall this upscale atmosphere with oysters and champagne again and again.

Valentine’s Party Themes

Sweetie Pie Party

Why not to treat your guests with a big and magnificent Valentine’s Day pie decorated with red roses? Freshly baked pies served with hot tea or other drinks your guests may like would be a good alternative among other Valentine’s party ideas.

Valentine’s Party Themes

Red Hot Cinnamon Heart Theme

Red hot cinnamon hearts and chocolates which are really spicy could make your day as well. Your guests may also enjoy red décor and a lot of candies everywhere.

Hugs & Kisses Party (Hersey’s Chocolates)

Show your guests some love with Hershey’s Hugs & Kisses. Play up the hugs and kisses with a cool XOXO theme. It’s a fun way to put a twist on the traditional Valentine’s symbols. Spread the sweetness with this simple candy theme.

Your guests may like dipped and sprinkled strawberry pops or a fruit salad ‘Made with Love’ where all fruits have heart shape. You could also play some games connected with Valentine’s party theme, for example, use crackers and sweethearts and play Tic-Tac-Toe. It’s so funny, isn’t it?

Heart-shaped fruit, cheese, and cracker platter is also a great option!  All ideas are good if you like them!

If you organize a Couples Valentine Party, it is expected that your guests would like to dance. Get prepared with some romantic music compositions. Surely, dancing is a much more interactive activity than just eating or drinking alcohol.

However, some people are too shy to start dancing. In such a case, think of some game that would make the guests involved. For instance, you may prepare a list of questions that each person answers individually and then compares their answers with their partner’s to see how well they both know each other. It’s like the newlyweds’ game or something of that sort. It’s really fun!

The photo booth can be another fun element of the evening. A giant heart or two painted on the wall or made of hot air balloons,  and that’s all you need!

Valentine’s Party Themes

Valentine’s party themes for True-Loves

Planning on a romantic Valentine party themes for two of you only, try to consider what you both like and will be happy to spend time for. Maybe, you won’t need to stay in, but you could go to your favorite park or have a special night with your sweetheart. Just what is a must-to-have is an intimate atmosphere that is perfect for lovers looking to set the mood.

Valentine’s Party Themes

Naughty Valentine Day Party

Create a fun and sexy celebration for two with a naughty and nice theme. Include some sexy lingerie, a book of love coupons, and other frisky elements for an intimate face-to-face evening.

Soulmate Soiree

A romantic and marvelous mood could be created with lots of candles, rose petals, heart-shaped meals!

Valentine’s Party Themes

Some Fun Valentine’s Party Themes

Valentine day party names could be lighthearted, nevertheless impressive! These charming ideas could be applied if you are going to invite your colleagues or family members. All these cool ideas will make the atmosphere of your holiday nice and playful!

Valentine’s Party Themes

Love is in the Air

Do you remember this beautiful song? Let it sound in the background and be the motto of your party! Prepare to take flight with this high-flying Valentine event name! Decorate the venue with hot air balloons and remind everyone that love is in the air all the time, especially on Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Party Themes

Cupid Theme Party

Make sure all of your guests are struck by cupid’s arrow with this wonderful Valentine’s party theme. Use red and pink cupid silhouettes or go for a more classic style with vintage cupids. You may also make the cakes shaped like angels. Looks cute and awesome!

Happy Love Day Party

Celebrate a day that’s all about spreading love and showing you care with a Happy Love Day theme.

Great Valentine’s Themes for Kids

Valentine-themed parties could be as funny as those for adults. Kids are easy to be encouraged and involved. They are always enthusiastic to take part in any funny activities. So, that would be great if you think of some Valentine’s Day party theme that would make them interested!

Valentine’s Party Themes

Preparation for such parties could be fun either because you could make some thematic snacks together, for example, heart-shaped fruits or cakes, decorate the place with lots of pink and red hand-made things and just enjoy some time spent together!

Keep such Valentine gatherings for children lighthearted and focused on having fun with friends. These adorable party themes are greatly loved by young party goers.

Valentine’s Party Themes

Bee My Valentine

Everyone will be buzzing with delight when you choose a Bee My Valentine theme. Add in touches of black and yellow for the bees. Valentine’s day party ideas like that could make another creature the spot of attention. Creative imagination will give many ideas to apply!

Valentine’s Party Themes


Puppy Love Party

Valentine’s Party Themes

Why not to organize Valentine’s Day involving cute little pets? They could enjoy playing with a crowd of children, and everybody would have a lot of fun!

Love Rocks!

Throw a rockin’, rollicking celebration that your little guests are sure to love! This high-energy theme is perfect for kids.

Valentine’s Party Themes

Monster Valentines

Valentine’s Party Themes

The kiddos will love celebrating with adorable monsters for Valentine’s – you can’t go wrong with this fun theme!

Valentine’s Party Themes

Party Themes for Singles or Cynics

For singles or folks feeling cynical about love and romance, change the focus to something anti-Valentine’s day with a silly theme. It could also be interesting for your guests. And what is more, it’s really unusual. They would appreciate your efforts! Anyway, don’t let a lack of relationship spoil the fun. Instead, choose one of these playful themes perfect for the unattached crowd:

Love Stinks, Let’s Drink!

Let’s accept the fact that not everyone loves and is loved. Host a cocktail hour or put together a bar with fun and fancy drinks for your single guests to enjoy.

Single in the City

This Valentine party name fits for a girls-only gathering with your closest gal pals. Put your own spin on the popular TV show with a single in-the-city party theme by focusing on all the fun ladies can have together.

Valentine’s Party Themes

Love is a Battlefield

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A cool Valentine party theme for broken-hearted. You can rock out to the 80s hottest hits about heartbreak and dance the day away. Or why not go for a hardcore camo-inspired party to celebrate how love can be a battlefield?!

Still, searching for that perfect Valentine’s party theme? Some other awesome ideas could be found. And remember that all you need is a good mood and feeling of love you inspire others with. Then this event is going to be rather cool and memorable for everybody who comes!

Valentine’s Party Themes

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