Best Welcome Gifts for New Employees

new employee welcome gift

When a new employee joins your team, you could wish to have some welcome to the team gift ideas in order to break the ice and work out a way of getting on with him. Sounds reasonable, because some small but meaningful gifts for new employees could provide good relationships for years. 

It should be unique and thoughtful

You know, a welcome gift for a new employee could be unique and thoughtful to show all attention of the team, but it shall not be necessarily something expensive. A wide range of new hire welcome gifts are available at a price lower than $50. And you know, being affordable does not mean being cheap.

welcome to the team gifts

It could be Traditional

New employee gift ideas are usually traditional, and the list of gifts for new employees may include a never-ending parade of scented candles, greeting cards, and candy left in a desk drawer and never used. Some other common new employee welcome gifts are notebooks, pens, coffee mugs, stationary sets, or lunchboxes.

Fortunately, those days were gone, and although welcome to the team gift is not obligatory, it’s a clear sign a new employee could expect his new crew to be approachable and supportive.

gifts for new employees

Branded gifts

Welcome basket for new employee could be an essential part of onboarding new employees to the team. Including branded gifts in your kits can encourage company loyalty, make new staff feel like belonging to the community, and be a great way to make a great first impression! Branded welcome gifts for new employees will help them feel sense of unity with the team and get team spirit.

Surely, some inspiring and encouraging welcome gifts for new employees provide their commitment to the company and involvement in future projects. Good ‘welcome to the team’ gifts boost morale and make people work harder.

welcome gift ideas for new employees

It’s for the team members to choose what new employee welcome gifts they find to be acceptable, but even a book dedication written on a copy of Employee Handbook or Employee Manual a newbie would get could look awesome, for example:

There are 100,000,000 employees in our country. 250 employees work for our company. You are going to be another equal member of our team! This book is dedicated to all employees, including you!

welcome gift for new employee

Almost any new employee welcome gift is the perfect way to wish good luck and prosperity to new colleagues, but for some companies, usability is of great importance, so they could choose ‘more rational’ ‘welcome to the team’ gifts like mousepad-wireless-charger (a mousepad that acts as a portable wireless charger, and compatible with almost all Android devices and iPhones), fast-charging-cable that could meet all your charging needs,  plastic bottles that come with a strainer and a screw lid and ideally suit active people, a travel adaptor and others. All these new employee welcome gifts could be easily personalized to match the brand of the company.

welcome gifts for new employees

Some welcoming words could be added to show the company’s attitude towards a new person to join them.

People don’t come here to play it safe. They want their work to add up to something. Something big. Welcome to Apple


Congratulations for being part of our team! Thank you for accepting the job! We look forward to the success of the company with you! Welcome aboard!

Some phrases to welcome new hires are always considered positively, and if they are a little sarcastic or humorous that’s a great advantage!

If your team is very casual you could choose some specific new employee welcome gifts to show how unique you are. A travel mug instead of a branded coffee mug if you often go hiking together. A branded cap to encourage participation in some outdoor company activities.

welcome gift ideas for new employees

It should be relevant and useful

You know, it’s important to customize your new employee welcome gifts to be relevant and useful for a new worker. Make sure the products you choose deliver core company values: a reusable water bottle in your welcome kit could show sustainability, a branded pen and a notebook may prompt to continual learning. 

Choosing your welcome gifts for new employees is a great challenge, but have a look at some big companies’ experience, and some brilliant ideas would come to your mind sooner or later. For example, Twitter welcome basket for new employees includes a reusable tote, bottle of wine, a small and a large notebook, and a branded team T-Shirt.

welcome basket for new employee

In their welcome kit for new team members, Facebook includes a branded mouse, T-Shirt, and two notebooks. In their welcome kit, Uber includes a drawstring bag, jumper, cap, notebook and pen, pencil holder, and more! But do not follow their footsteps blindly, think of your own distinguishing features and transform some traditional welcome basket with branded gifts in order to encourage company loyalty.

Remember to add some welcome messages to make your new team players feel being involved!

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