Marketing Gift Ideas. The Best Client Thank-you Gifts

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Businesses grow so quickly nowadays, which means a client could just forget what kind of company or agent he or she dealt with, and in case they would like to apply to the same organization they liked so much they would have a problem to remember if they had met some representative of A-company or somebody else. People could be really grateful if they have such a reminder, but what is the best way for an agency or a small company to support a long-term relationship with the clients?


The point is many people hate being regularly called because they may have needed the services of a real estate agent only once per ten years. But when they give some referral gifts, the probability they will forget about the company or agent who had helped them much is rather low. Thank you gift for a client may not only be a great way to keep your assistance in mind, but it could provide good relationships for years.

If your loyal customers get some meaningful referral gifts for clients, they could be happy to recommend your company to somebody else. It’s proven by statistics, that clients are eager to buy some product or services in case they are recommended by friends, relatives or just some acquaintance of theirs.


What else, business owners are looking for creative and effective ways to generate more sales, and referral thank you gift ideas are quite a popular thing at present because it helps to keep connections between a business and a client. Only forty percent of the clients who were fully satisfied with the work of the company they applied to would come back, and the reason is quite simple: there are so many competitors at the market today, they have got similar names which would usually include some prompt to the industry they work for, so these companies are easy to be confused.

Why not provide some opportunity for the client to be able to remember your company’s name easily? That’s what we are speaking about. It’s a really good idea for commercial enterprises to present their clients thank you for referral gift cards or even thank you gift sets.


Thank-you gifts clients always value should come from your soul. Start with writing a note, which could be incredibly impactful. If you do it regularly, for example, send thanksgiving gifts for clients, they could be touched and wish to consult somebody else to buy your goods. The greatest way to motivate customers to recommend your company to somebody else is to offer a token of appreciation with company products that have an exclusive and memorable logo, especially if this product is of high quality and looks cute.

Branded gifts are much more effective in case you would like to get client referrals than cash incentives. Some handwritten notes would be much more valued just because some letters clients get through e-mail, messengers or by mobile phone are usually viewed as automatically generated, without any human participation, and thus such a referral gift idea of sending out messages automatically to all clients you know does not seem to be very acceptable in this case.


To make this part of your routine, keep a stack of generic, blank cards at hand. Simply write a few lines about how much you appreciated or enjoyed working together. There are some special services that could also implement these referral thank-you gift ideas, and such a card could also make the clients pleased. Those positive emotions the client will have when he or she gets your thank-you note would be alive for some period of time, and you have a chance to ask your client to mention your name when their friends or family ask for referrals. That’s a great business trick!

Referral gifts for clients could be quite inexpensive like business thank-you gifts, for instance, notebooks or pens with the logo of your company or thank-you cards. And it’s one of the most wonderful referral gifts ideas if your clients are people who would always refuse any material sign of your appreciation.


Treat Them To Lunch

But if your relationships are quite long and trusting you could treat your client or the whole family of his or hers with lunch. Or invite them to your place to establish even better relationships with them. So, if you are looking for referral gift ideas that could improve your relationship, consider going to some restaurant or having a barbeque.

If such a referral gifts idea doesn’t suit you because you are so busy, consider the option of having an annual luncheon hosted at a beautiful location. It could turn to be fun!


Gather the Clients Together

What else, you could gather the clients you like together and get them familiar with each other! It could provide you even better opportunities for the development of your business in the future because people like to have a good network of contacts! If you help them to make new friends they will surely be grateful and give some recommendations about your company to anybody they know.

Make a Charitable Donation

Referral thank you gift ideas could also include making a donation to a charity, and it is a great alternative for those customers who are prohibited or do not like to take any material gifts. Remember to announce your donation using some card or sending a message with words of gratitude, so that you can track when the gift is received.

Marketing Gift Ideas. The Best Client Thank-you Gifts

Create a Gift Box with Top-quality Gourmet Goodies

Gifts for referrals are the best when they include some things a person really likes. If your client loves food, create a gift set with top-quality gourmet goodies that have a long storage period. Unique spice blends, olive oil, and cooking tools could also fit. For those who love wine, consider a gift certificate to a wine store or local winery. They would like it!

A Portfolio Book

Some other good referral gift ideas could include a portfolio book or just a photo of you together in a special logo frame. A professionally printed book can include photos, artwork, testimonials, and it could become a good reminder of your deal. What else, they do not cost so much, and could be a good substitute for business cards.


A Spa Certificate

A referral gift every female will like is having a spa certificate. But male clients could also enjoy it, quality rest is sure to be appreciated. As a matter of fact, gift certificates give a better choice. At least, your client could please some relative of his or hers with such a great referral gift! Be attentive with details! You should know your recipient’s taste and style so that the gift certificate would satisfy the client’s preferences.


If you still don’t know what will suit your client (maybe, because you don’t know him or her so well) one of the best referral gift ideas for clients is just presenting flowers with a small note of your gratitude. It always works!

Make your referral gifts personal and creative, that’s the key to success! In such a case your referral gift ideas will look memorable and exclusive! And it will help your company to attract many new clients!

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