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gift range calculator

There are a lot of charity or nonprofit organizations that have societal concerns mostly, but there are some aspects of their work that require special consideration. First of all, calculating needs is essential. Fundraising committee members shall carefully check their clientele and calculate the number of donations required, basing on gift size. It is necessary to understand properly if they have enough donors to achieve the target amount.

How to calculate gift ranges?

Sometimes generating leads and categorizing them in an appropriate way is what you need to do. Setting priorities and deadlines and determining prospective and profitable donors is essential. You shall remember that giving potential sponsors more than two options is risky because being misled they may be lost and eventually choose some other company that does not confuse them so much.

blackbaud gift range calculator

Personal meetings may also be top listed among must-to-do things. Even if you understand that the person you deal with is interested in the donation and supports the ideas your fundraising team promote, personal contact may either speed up the procedure or encourage a donor to trust your company more. All your behavior shall demonstrate that you would like to please a donor in every way possible.

There are some steps and tools recommended for both nonprofit and charity organizations. First, develop a charitable giving allocation. Donors’ plans are diversified, they could be aimed at giving donations to several organizations.

Thus, to highlight your company it is necessary to demonstrate some advantages. Second, choose the appropriate giving structure. Each donor is personal, and their tax situation is unique. If you provide something that fits their needs the probability of applying to your company grows. Being at least acquainted with common tax and financial structures adds to the value.

Gift range calculations and Gift range charts

To manage all these aspects, the use of gift range calculations or gift range charts may be very useful. Whether you would like to calculate gift ranges for an overall target or for an ad hoc campaign, it is very useful to use gift range calculators in order to estimate the number of gifts, the number of sponsors, and the size of gifts or donations required.

Furthermore, it is important to understand how many current or potential donors can fund for you to meet your financial target so that you concentrate your efforts on achieving the best result!

Sample range calculators or gift chart templates are available online.

The question how to calculate gift ranges is important. You know, gift calculators may be helpful, especially if you would like to use some tools to determine the size of the target, the average size of donations received and the number of existing donors.

Blackbaud gift range calculator

Some gift range calculators like Gift Range Calculator and Blackbaud gift calculator are available at one click. Gift calculators could also help you to fix some important issues, for instance, you may check your database to see if you have enough sponsors to achieve your target amount.

sample range calculator

Should you rely on gift rate calculators only?

Our advice is not to rely on them completely, but it is necessary to take into account that it is an excellent tool to set KPIs for your fundraising team and to share campaign statistics with your company administration. This fact does not mean that there are some serious drawbacks of gift calculators, it simply shows that cold figures with zero appeal to their emotions are not what may easily impress your donors. Meeting the donor in person, you will have higher chances to achieve success.

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