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gift card envelope diy

DIY Gift Card Envelope could only seem to be old-fashioned. In reality, it’s a cute way to show your attention, and such a DIY gift card or gift envelope would amaze the recipient. Living in the digital age, we still like some DIY paper gifts and value the time our friends or relatives spend while downloading some gift card envelope templates, working with scissors, choosing specific design that would suit our vision and mood. They know us so well, and they care about the things that would bring us joy. Something as cute as a DIY gift card envelope…

How To Make a Gift Card Envelope?

Although e-gift cards are rather popular nowadays, they seem to be deprived of so much personality as DIY gift cards have. In case you would like to astonish the person whose attitude you really appreciate DIY gift card is what you need. You should not be afraid of any problems that may arise as all the necessary DIY gift card envelope templates or DIY gift card holder templates are easily available.

You could find detailed instructions on the Internet on how to make a cardholder out of paper, how to make a gift card envelope, how to make a small envelope for a gift card, or how to make a gift card.
All this will help you to have an outstanding result without so many efforts, as all the tips you need are in open access, and you could simply follow the directions and get the perfect outcome.

Gift Card Envelope Supplies

Expressing your feelings and sentiments with the help of DIY gift card envelopes, you could expect the most heartwarming response. Fortunately, you won’t need to spend a lot of money on fancy paper stationery. You could even use leftover scrapbook paper or any decorative paper you may have at hand to make beautiful DIY gift card envelopes in almost no time. It would take you not more than 15 or 20 minutes to finish the whole project.


Prepare all the necessary equipment you may need, such as a hot glue gun, scissors, pencil, bone folder (optional, but useful), other materials, for example, 2 sheets of scrapbook (decorative) paper.


Read the instructions carefully.


Just follow these instructions. Not to spoil the materials you have.

DIY Gift Card Envelope: The Right Steps

Step 1

Print the DIY gift card envelope template. Save it with the right click of your mouse. Choose ‘Save Image As’. Name the file if you want. In case you save this file on the desktop you could call it anyway and delete it after you finish your project.

Gift Card Envelope Template

Download the Template

Open the image. Print your gift card envelope template out. Use scrapbook paper or ordinary paper (that means that you will need to trace it onto your scrapbook paper later). As a matter of fact, you shouldn’t scale the image when you print. It’s the right size for an 8.5×11″ piece of paper.

Step 2

Trace the template onto your scrapbook paper if you haven’t printed it on the scrapbook paper already. Then skip this step. Cut out the gift card holder template (free here) you printed and trace the outline onto your scrapbook paper.

Gift Card Envelope Template

Gift Card Envelope Template

Remember to cut the slit in the middle in order to secure the flap which holds the gift card in place. You know, not only your gift card envelope (DIY) could please the person you send it to, but also the DIY gift card itself (two in one!)

Step 3

Glue the tabs. Fold on the dotted lines and glue the tabs to create the gift card.

Gift Card Envelope Template

Gift Card Envelope Template

Now your envelope is ready to pair with a DIY paper gift card that you made yourself! I hope so.

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