How To Get a Gift Receipt From Amazon

amazon gift receipt

Sending a gift through Amazon is a popular practice nowadays. But choosing an interesting Amazon gift receipt will make your present amusing and memorable. There are lots of options a gift sender may choose between while sending a gift via Amazon. There is nothing to worry about as there are many detailed instructions available on how to send a gift on Amazon, how to get a gift receipt from Amazon.

You may even find the answer to the question ‘What does Amazon gift wrap look like?’ If you still have doubts if Amazon gift receipt is necessary for you personally, check the article below to find out the details.

It’s Easy To Get Creative With Your Amazon Gift Receipt

If you send a gift on Amazon, some boring gift may become something that the person who gets it will appreciate a lot. As a matter of fact, Amazon gift receipt is a great chance to accompany some standard present with a kind of a card that would contain individual and sincere wishes coming from your heart and making the person who gets such a gift message amazon services helped you to create something really unique.

How To Get a Gift Receipt From Amazon

It is a great tradition to give gifts on various occasions, whether it is a birthday celebration, some memorable event or just a reminder of your attention. We usually wrap our gifts in paper decorated in a specific way depending on the holiday we keep in mind and embellish it with a ribbon. You could easily check what Amazon gift wrap looks like and find both Amazon gift receipt and a box suitable for the particular shape and size you need.

Sending Gifts Through Amazon Is A Great Idea!

Amazon gift receipt is actually a great idea because if the receiver of the gift gets some amusing and impressive gift message, easy to read but full of humor, coming from some gift sender whose personality would be surely recognized thanks to specific style, he or she will be absolutely happy to get it.

How To Get a Gift Receipt From Amazon

By now millions of people have made sure that sending gifts through Amazon is not only easy but rather pleasant. Everybody knows what the feeling of holiday anticipation is and how much we could expect not only the presents we get ourselves but the response of those relatives or friends we could send a gift through Amazon. Precious are those minutes when we make the choice of some treat that would bring happiness and joy to somebody we are attached to.

How To Get A Gift Receipt From Amazon

To send a gift on Amazon is the task easy to fulfill!

The first step to do is just search for the desired item, enter the shipment information and, with a few clicks of auto-filled information, the present you have chosen is among gift orders Amazon would deliver in no time.

The second step you may go on with is to add some personality to your Amazon gift receipt. Just some minimal participation and a little bit of creativity in your gift message (Amazon would help you with lots of good alternatives) will provide a positive and unforgettable reaction of your recipient. As soon as you start searching for something funny or exclusive you will easily succeed because with Amazon getting a creative gift receipt or gift message will not take much energy of yours!

How To Get a Gift Receipt From Amazon

It is necessary to know anyway that the Amazon gift receipt is rather modest, has the size of an index card. It looks like a flimsy slip of paper printed with smudgy ink, which makes you recall some old days when things were mimeographed.

Though the gift receipt is free of some specific style, it has a very essential role: it allows you to convey a personal message to the recipient as they open up your gift.  All that Amazon gift sender shall do is to make choice and use all the advantages offered by Amazon service. You could also save money and pass on the gift wrap option as some bag or box is usually shipped beside the gift, rather than containing the gift inside of it.

Gift Message Amazon

So, to bring more personality and to make both the gift sender and the gift recipient happy, most Amazon items will offer you the option to ‘Add Gift Receipt’ once you arrive at the Checkout screen.

The most popular Amazon gift receipt which could be added with one click is as follows:


Enjoy your gift.

From Your Name

Although this message is good to accompany gift orders from Amazon and sounds nice, you could improve it with some humble efforts.

Here are some tips to help you to write down some good inspiring Amazon gift receipts.

How To Get a Gift Receipt From Amazon

First, add the person’s name. Second, include the occasion you are sending the gift for. Third, check how your name appears on the gift receipt. Make sure that the name you signed with would be recognized by the person you will send the gift to. In case your name is common, it would be wise to add your surname or some funny prompt about who you are (for example, Jane, not from California). These small corrections could significantly improve a boring gift receipt.

Hi Will,

Enjoy your gift.

Happy Birthday!

Love, Auntie.

Some other supplements that could interact with the recipient are the following. First, you could mention the gift title (describe what game it is, who the main character is, etc.). Second, include the reason why you selected it. Third, choose some personal and conversational phrases to make the person smile when he or she gets your gift.

Hi, Will,

Happy 14th Birthday!

I know how much you are addicted to playing board games,

so I thought you would go mad

with these Xena cards.

Love, Auntie

Some Examples Of Amazon Gift Messages

You could also add some phrases that come from your heart, something you feel at the moment. That will make the person you send the gift to understand how deep your feelings are and how much you value your relationships.

I miss you, so I am sending you a floral hug!

How ya doing, friend?

Thanks for your patience, your loving words, your kindness, your friendship

Thinking of you in these difficult times

Please know our loving thoughts embrace you

How To Get a Gift Receipt From Amazon

A lifelong search has reached an end. I’ve found both my love and my best friend.

You’ve stolen my heart. I know it’s in good hands.

You’re the twinkle in my eye, you’re the song in my laugh, you’re the light in my smile. You’re my everything.

You take my breath away…today and every day.

Best of luck in your new venture.

What Else You Need To Know About The Amazon Gift Receipt

Still, there are some important details you should know about Amazon gift receipts.

You may include up to 239 characters  (9 lines of text) on each gift receipt. If it is some unexpected gift, or if your first name is rather common like John or Jane, it’s better to include both your first and last name on the Amazon gift receipt.

How To Get a Gift Receipt From Amazon

What else is essential is that in case of return, you, being the sender can easily find the gift receipt in order history. Another Amazon gift receipt option is a chance to send a thank-you note in e-form, which is a great alternative to paper letters or postcards.

So, using an Amazon gift receipt is a good way to make the holiday merrier and the parties happier! Take a few minutes and make the birthday (or any other) gift a meaningful, memorable, and must-to-enjoy thing!

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