Key People Matter – So Take Care of Them

Key People Matter - So Take Care of Them

Every year we go on a big end of the year campaign for staff and clients. While this is critical as the end of the year is a time that most people want to be remembered, lookout for signs of fatigue or emotional stress during the year.

Your key staff makes a huge difference in your corporate life. I have noticed that some of my staff usually take a lot of emotional strain when finances are tough – don’t we all? Finances are a huge concern and the worry that it causes can wreak havoc on your personal life and well being.

The beginning of the year is meant to be a time that we are refreshed or energized, but for some there hangs in the air the worry of overspending at Christmas and how to survive January which can for some be the longest month of the year.

A system that I sometimes use is to give a very small percentage advance at the end of the first week of January to certain staff members. The difference in attitude is huge. This in no way removes personal responsibility for budgeting, but seeing real needs and addressing them is part of the art of giving.

For larger companies, why not consider issuing out shopping vouchers for a few hundred rands to your staff at the beginning of the year as a “welcome back” present. You would be surprised at how many people suffer from depression at the beginning of the year because of financial worries. Those worries really affect your company’s productivity.

So for the welfare of your company and for the love of humanity, do something that makes a difference. Show some heart and your soul will also benefit.

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