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what to write in a book for a gift

Inscribing books in a cute way… The list may be continued. But the point is cute book inscriptions are difficult to write. First of all, because any book seems to be an individual present that deserves a specific book gift message, the message that shows how involved a donor is and how meaningful the book he or she presents is. Second, to make a good book gift message you should know the person whom you give a book quite well for the book not only satisfy his or her interests but also encourage him or her to go forward.

Baby book gift inscription is even more responsible business because when you solve the issue of what to write in a book gift for a child you need to consider lots of factors. Children are choosier and more capricious than adults are, so that’s a tough task to meet some child’s demands not only what concerns favorite genre but also find out some children’s book inscription ideas that sound awesome and relevant.

book inscription examples

You know, even the birth of a baby may turn to be a good reason to present some inspiring book with some cute book inscription as follows: “Birth of a baby is a great time to give a book as a gift. That is a great book that will motivate you when you despair and make you go forward when you almost fall asleep.” Baby book gift inscription (with some relevant book, surely) is a great alternative to some traditional presents like diapers.

Books make wonderful gifts. The right book for the right occasion can create a lasting and memorable effect for years. Nevertheless, the question inevitably arises what to write in a book gift for a friend or what to write inside a book, or if signing a book for a friend is ethical because the book you are going to present is not written by you (I mean, you are not the author), but you feel that the book you are going to gift is the one your friend just needs at the moment, and some book gift message is absolutely necessary to show how deep you are involved in his or her problems.

book dedication

Giving a book as a gift could be a fantastic idea, and if you are able to make some appropriate inscription in the book it’s a double surprise! Events like graduation, milestone birthdays, or anniversaries could always be marked with some best book inscriptions to accompany the book gift in order to show that you appreciate your friend, colleague, or relative, and your inscription in a book is just another acknowledgment of your close relationships.

Do you still ask yourself the question: “Why write an inscription in a book gift?” You know, it’s worth it. A personalized inscription in a book takes what could be a generic and easily forgotten gift and turns it into a meaningful keepsake. The receiver will always recall the times you were together. Reading the book inscription, again and again, they will restore some great moments in their memory. In fact, a handwritten inscription inside a book makes a perfect gift for almost any person, not depending on age or gender.

inscriptions to write in books

What do you want your inscription to be about? The first step is to decide what you want to say with your inscription. You should start by thinking about what kind of message you’d like to convey. Do you want it to be thoughtful? Funny? Do you need any cookbook inscription ideas?  Do you want to make it a reminder of some specific event? Do you want to impart some recommendations or advice? Some brainstorming could be helpful to find out good ideas for book inspirations.

Here are some sample book inscriptions you could freely use. Most of them include wishes, they are rather universal and they can be addressed both to males and females, not depending on their position and status.

what to write in a book gift for child

With love and faith in you, as well as your abilities, talents, and bright mind. Best regards!

Wish you longevity, success, and happiness!

This book is a sign of my admiration for your attitude to life, work, and the world around you.

Be the same! Sincere and curious. We appreciate your merits. Love, your friends.

Don ‘t count the years you ‘ve lived, it’s better to read this book… And just go ahead without turning back. This book will make your evenings even cozier and your inner world even deeper.

what to write in a book gift for friend

I want your life to be easy and that’s why I ‘m giving you this book. It will help clarify some of the things that will help make your dream true. Let all the doors be open for you, just as this book opens – easily and when you wish. Let this book help you find your place in the world and take it forever. This gift is a sign that I always remember the day I met you, and I believe that was a great day in my life!

For good memory of happy days spent together and to be kept forever…

Accept my sincere admiration for your outstanding abilities! Hope this book could develop your talents further.

This book is a gift from a man who loves you. I sincerely hope that you will like it,  and it will help you realize your dream. I put my soul and love into this gift… Your loyal friend.

Let your life be like this wonderful fairy tale. Loving you, Mom and Dad.

book inscription ideas for friends

To a unique person, with gratitude for the good that I will never forget. I want your clear mind, broad education and unmistakable taste to be the judge of this book. This small gift is a tiny part of my gratitude to you.

My dear friend! Thank you for your long memory of heartfelt beauty and kindness. Accept this source of invaluable emotions and let it bring only happy minutes. Wish you magnificent moments of reading! The stories in this book are amazing… But I wish you make your own bright and beautiful story that is superior to anything ever described in the books!

I give you this book so that you can always have something to replace communication with an empty person. Perhaps, you will find nothing new in this book, but you should know: my life is a kind of a book dedicated to you, all the best chapters are about you only.

baby book inscription ideas

In gratitude for unforgettable impressions, wise thoughts, ambitious plans, unrealistic plans, brilliant reasoning, magic moments and funny moments spent with you. I wish you all the best. I give this book to the most remarkable person I’ve ever met.

This book is my compliment to your mind. One smart scientist said that only the universe and human foolishness could be endless… And I would add there is no limit to perfection, the sky is the limit only! This book will help you in your long path of internal transformation and make you even closer to your ideal. It is the right way to understand your mind and character. You ‘re fine with both… but this book will contribute a little.

When you read this book for the first time, you ‘ll know you have got a new friend. And when you read it again, you ‘ll see you have met an old friend. Let every meeting of yours be joyful and bring you new impressions.

how to inscribe a book

Have you chosen anything from the list we offered? Do you know now how to sign a book as a gift? We hope so.

Inscribing a book could be a challenging task, but you could always manage it if you analyze the interests of the person you present this book to carefully, and if you know the content of the book. You know, that’s an important factor as well. Avoid presenting and inscribing a book if you don’t know what it is about, what the main ideas of the author were, and what impression that book may make on people of ordinary sensibilities.

At the end of each book, inscription remember to add the date and your signature. By signing the book with your hand try to make the text readable and understandable, so that the person whom you inscribe the book could easily distinguish your words.  When you create your own text, try to emphasize in your book inscription why you have chosen that book as a present and stress why the person who gets it may be interested in getting it.

what to write in a book as a gift

Remember the etiquette rules as well. If you sign a gift for the head of your department or your boss it is necessary to observe subordination, you should avoid familiarity. Do not allow excessive flattery either. Before you write a message on the book, check again, and make sure that the text is not ambiguous for a particular person. And check your spelling for your book inscription not to look ridiculous.

Good luck! You could surely create some unique and memorable book gift message which will include the wholehearted congratulations or gratitude the donee will undoubtedly appreciate!

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