60th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

60th anniversary gift

The sixtieth anniversary also called the diamond anniversary, is the event that is usually celebrated with large and festive gatherings of family and friends. The couple who have lived together for sixty years, for sure overcame lots of happy and sad moments, had an opportunity to see the birth and witness adolescence of their children, grandchildren and, maybe, even great-grandchildren. They are those who have lived side by side for so many years, and they should really love and respect each other at that moment because they are still together.

Material things are not so significant

By the age the couples get gifts for 60th wedding anniversary, they are elderly, but full of experience, and some of them are really cheerful, energetic and have a great sense of humor. Their relatives know their characteristic features much better, that is why they could choose some 60th-anniversary gifts traditional for everybody at that age or some original 60th-anniversary gift ideas, depending on the honorees’ preferences.

60th wedding anniversary gifts traditional

The problem with finding an appropriate 60th wedding anniversary gifts is that although diamond wedding – 60 years of life together – sounds quite unbelievably romantic, some elderly couples like solitude and serenity, some quiet tranquility and fewer anxieties in their lives.

They are not so deeply involved in organizing their sixtieth anniversary, and, surely, are not so enthusiastic about getting some exclusive 60th anniversary gifts. It doesn’t mean they are hard to please. Vice versa, every new day may bring them enjoyment and happiness.

60th anniversary traditional gift

So, to make this event special there are several strategies to follow. First, 60th wedding anniversary gift ideas could be connected with some memorable moments in the life of the couple and be created collectively or at least have a prompt that every member of their large family has made some contribution, for example, a family album.

60th wedding anniversary gifts

Second, 60th wedding anniversary gifts traditional for many families may turn to be either expensive diamond gifts like a ring for her and watches or cufflinks that could match his best suit or some photo art or family portrait.

The second variant is less expensive, but it doesn’t mean it’s less meaningful or memorable. You know, some crystals may simulate diamonds, they could also become good 60th anniversary symbols, in spite of their comparatively low price. Anyway, these jewelry could be passed on from one generation to another.

60th wedding anniversary gifts traditional

Although diamond things are very precious and could become family legacy and, certainly, would be appreciated much, before buying such an expensive 60th wedding anniversary gift, it’s reasonable to weigh the pros and cons. If earnings of the couple are not so high, or they are penny pinchers they could even become upset if they get very pricey gifts for 60th wedding anniversary.

They may view their life to be a spiritual journey towards a greater understanding of their faith or moral values, they appreciate love and support whatever happens, and material things are not so significant for them.

sixtieth anniversary

Wedding party with friends and relatives

But attention always is. If the honorees do not object, they could be helped to plan their sixtieth wedding anniversary. That’s great when some initiative and enthusiastic party maker who is responsible and reliable (to the addition) charges himself or herself with organizing this event, but the point is that many elderly people are not inclined to let any strange people in their private life, so that should be either a relative or some close family friend who is involved in organizing the party.

60th wedding anniversary gift idea

If a lot of guests are supposed to arrive, that would be a magnificent 60th anniversary gift, and it would deeply touch the hearts of the hosts of the party. But the function of the party maker becomes more complicated then, as it is necessary to accommodate all the attendees with maximum comfort, to think about all the details and to include appropriate activities for the younger members of the family.

In any case remember that even when you know many things quite well, the couple shall have large, if not final say whatever concerns their celebration.

60th wedding anniversary gifts ideas

A cruise or a tour to some native place

Nonetheless, if the couple is intensely private and happiest when enjoying each other’s company, their children could surprise the couple with a cruise or a vacation villa at a private beach. You know, one of the brightest and gorgeous gifts for 60th wedding anniversary is some tour to some native place or the place the couple has romantic associations with. Something like their second honeymoon.

Any gifts, in one way or another resembling shining and transparent diamonds, are considered to be good 60th wedding anniversary traditional gifts, for example, crystal dishes or vases. Some practical gifts such as household appliances or useful devices are also welcomed.

traditional 60th anniversary gift

It is worth remembering that many older people are happy to use the Internet and learn information technologies: give them a laptop, tablet or e-book – it will help them to spend time in an enjoyable way, find long-separated classmates and friends on social networks, learn a lot of new things and be aware of what is happening in the city, in the country, or in the world. Or at least, they will have a chance to watch those wonderful videos you have created for their 60th anniversary to keep them so happy!

Some 60th wedding anniversary gift ideas appear to be on the surface. Just try to remember what the honorees like. If they love watching photos, 60th anniversary traditional gifts such as photo art, or colorful photo album would suit them. A wall newspaper or collage with joking inscriptions or quotes would also make a great keepsake for many years, especially if not only mid-generation but small children are involved.

60th wedding anniversary gifts traditional

Any things hand-made by children are always greatly appreciated. If your relatives are computer-friendly and love some modern devices and techniques, you could make them feel even more advanced if you present them a collection of clipart graphics or stickers where their photos are processed and look like stickers they may send their friends and feel cool.

Some video clip with special effects is a good 60th anniversary gift idea for those couples who still keep the sense of humor. By all means, don’t forget about common sense. Your presents shall not embarrass the people at their 60th wedding anniversary and shall not make them feel uncomfortable because of their inability to catch what is your gift for 60th wedding anniversary all about.

60th wedding anniversary gifts ideas

In case you care about their health, a portable smart pill organizer that serves both an alert system and a pill dispenser is an ideal 60th anniversary gift.

Gifts are really difficult at the sixtieth anniversary and beyond. The happy couple is likely not interested in collecting more things. You have to be creative and come up with meaningful gifts and mementos that are compatible with the downsizing goals most couples are striving to achieve.

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