A Guide to Establishing your Wedding Gift Table

wedding gift tables ideas

Planning a wedding? You are probably at the deep shouts of organizing your own flowers, your mind, your place, your photographer and so many more important things for the big day. We receive it!

When choosing your venue, your dress, and your decorations, you might consider whether you would like to take inspiration from common wedding styles. You’re putting so much thought and care into planning every detail, but there’s one thing that may have slipped through the cracks… have you considered whether to include a wedding present table? Many couples incorporate a gift table so that guests who come with gifts and cards understand where to leave them. And since you have already planned the rest of your wedding so beautifully, you don’t want your gift table to fall short. The following are some innovative ideas for your wedding gift table decoration.                                                

Deciding where to put the present table can be a battle. You may put your wedding table in the lobby near the guestbook, or close to the sweetheart table. There’s no perfect answer! Do whatever suits your venue best.                                         

We know that planning your gift table won’t ever shirt your wedding to-do list, let’s face it, but when you consider it, opting for all the gifts you’re going to receive from loving guests — might almost be as pricey as planning for your other major sellers, depending on the size of your wedding.

We have some fantastic ideas to take the stress out of planning still another aspect of your wedding. We can assist you to want to set up a stunning gift table in no time. In the least, we can help you intend to make sure no one walks away with your beautifully wrapped presents once your reception is in full swing! So, How you ask?

”Can I actually require a Gift Table,” I hear you say?

Well, yes! When most guests today will choose to buy wedding gifts online and have them shipped to the couple’s home, there are often still many people who would rather bring the present in person, particularly if it’s cash or a check in an account. Now, in case you have a large wedding planned using a large guest list, this may amount to a number of gifts and most likely, a large amount of cash and coupons which will have to be looked after, YAY!! I understand.

Maintaining track of these presents and collecting them on your wedding day can be a significant hassle, (it is not like you are getting married or anything, lol) so it is almost always a great idea to designate an area or table where guests can put their presents whenever they arrive.

However, how do you create this, what do you need? I hear you state!! No biggie, let’s dive straight into that so we can help you pull together the most incredible gift table which you and your visitors will love.

When planning out this gift table or area consider the following:

  • How many guests or gifts will we be awaiting?
  • How much room will I desire for this area? How much space do I have for this particular area?
  • What kind of table would be using? Do I have access to one in the place? Would I like a special type of table?
  • What exactly Reviews do I want to use? Table runner?
  • What do I need to store my wedding cards? This will be dependent on your personal style. Cards could be deposited in anything from a cool classic suitcase to a letterbox labeled Mr and Mrs.
  • What extra decorations do I need for this particular table? Possibly a nice photograph of the couple, maybe a flower arrangement, possibly some candles, the options are endless.
  • How do I wish to deal with this table? How can it look?
  • How can I keep security in the gift table? Where will I put the table?
  • What is the procedure to remove all the presents? Where to? When? By whom?

So many queries?! I know right? But I assure you that it’s not quite as awful as you think…. .here’s where chocolate and drinks come into play to maintain the brain moving!!

What if a Gift Table has on it?

Linen — Gift tables typically include either a rustic or classic type table or a table draped with fitting linen. This is a superb opportunity to integrate your preferred color theme or style if pulling this together.

Wishing well Box, crate, birdcage, letterbox, bag or another receptacle to maintain greeting cards. This list is unlimited

A Sign — An Instruction hint or hint to share the couple’s admiration, this way guests will know what the table is for. There are a variety of printable wedding gift signs to suit all wedding designs.

Personal Decor Touches — Lots of brides may also incorporate fitting themed decor things like a fresh vase of flowers, possibly a candle or some fitting picture frame for your printed sign. This means using a gorgeous fresh bunch of flowers or a beautiful candle go along way to making the table feel complete, visually appealing and elegant to check at.

Although a wedding gift Table isn’t a necessity in your wedding, it is both practical and a wonderful way to add a creative twist for your wedding decorations. Whether subtle, dominating, or barely existent, there is a variant of a card and present table that fits any theme.

The best ideas for wedding gift Table

Fairy Tale-Inspired Chariot: For a fairytale-inspired wedding, nothing can be more perfect than this chariot present table. Adorned with baby’s breath and a hand-calligraphed hint, this pretty table surely drew eyes all day.

You can create a pseudo-Aquarium or terrarium (based on which is more fitting) to have guests put cards in. For an aquarium, you include moss and one or two classic aquarium toys. As an alternative, you might even line a glass box with a seashell coating. To get a terrarium box, then place a layer of moss and one or 2 plants within the box. Much like the birdcage, you need to include an indication that says”cards” or”presents” to describe the purpose of your creative decoration.

Ornate Birdcage: It couldn’t be easier for guests to slip their cards Through the pubs of this pretty birdcage. Full with a floral hint along with bird beams, this antique piece blends effortlessly to the décor.

Letters of love: if you want to maintain things creative but easy, you might want to stay away from large themes. A subtle wedding gift table decoration can suit you better. If that is the case, consider adding a nice table with letter decorations that spell out the initial letter of your own fiancé’s names using a center or”&” in between. You might even include a banner or sign that states” present”, “cards”, or”thank you”. This will assure that your present table is easy, classy, and minimalistic.

Vintage Ballot Box: consider finding or renting a vintage item. A classic Ballot box is a perfect size for cards and perfectly complemented their barn-themed wedding.

Present Wagon: fall weddings beg for rustic information. This classic wagon was painted and transformed into a smart gift table to get an outdoor celebration. The wagon is a creative method to pull your visitors back in time.

There Are wedding gift table notions that are versatile for many themes. A shipping Wooden card box is ideal for vintage, nautical, pirates, or Game of Thrones theme. It’s easy to make or attain and adds a creative spin to any wedding.

What about Security?

Wedding Gifts can and do go missing. I understand you don’t want to think about that, you are trusting your guests aren’t that shifty!! 9 days out of 10, nothing happens but you will find a whole range of folks walking past this bursting table of gifts… We have worked in several places where there are 2-3 weddings each night in different areas of the place… You never can be too cautious.

Here are some ideas on how to fight it

It is a good idea to assign a part of the bridal party or family to assist with looking after the Gift Table whilst guests are arriving (both before and after) for the ceremony.

You may also want to situate your guest book or guest registry near or next to the gift table. This will give you a good notion of the number of gifts or cards should be there once you finally get around to opening them. If there is an obvious discrepancy between the number of guests and the number of presents, this may alert you to some gifts that may be stolen or lost.

For guests that’ll be bringing cash, checks or gift vouchers within cards — consider how you will secure them. By way of example, a box or chest that has a small slit at the top or possibly a birdcage or lantern that cannot be opened would both make a fabulous cards registry. Guests will have the ability to set their cards in but won’t be able to get any out others without drawing attention.

Managing your Presents at the close of the evening

So your day is going to be full of love, kisses, singing, dancing, eating, and toasting — sounds AMAZING!

Remember that individual that you just assigned to handle looking after the gifts as they were coming in? Try and sign this person up in order for loading all of the gifts in their car and drive them to the hotel or into your home. This might be an assignment for a member of your wedding celebration or possibly a responsible parent, brother, sister or significant other to take control of the gifts. To avoid panic, it’s best to assign this individual ahead of the big day, so everyone understands what will be happening and what their functions will be.

So there you have it… Your wedding gift table plan!!!

Once all of these questions are answered, you’re on your way to creating a list of the items that you need to fill out the gift table project. (eg. Signage, frames, vases, vintage books, lanterns, flowers, buntings, linens, etc). You can then work out what things will need to be purchased, hired, borrowed or accumulated to complete your look.

Notes: Wedding Gift Ideas

Because my family received so many wedding invitations, I needed an affordable, yet unique, the idea for gifts. I decided that my 25 years of marital wisdom would be a valuable gift, so I started writing down tips about things I wish I’d known when I first married. I ended up with advice on money management, shopping, cooking, family affairs, and even sex. I’ve been giving this wedding gift for 10 years now, and the young brides say it’s their favorite present.

For newlyweds in the family, I try to give a calendar with everyone’s birthdays. They usually have addresses from invitations.

A new picnic basket full of all that is needed for a special picnic is a neat idea for newlyweds or those celebrating a milestone anniversary. Don’t forget the bug spray!

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