How to Find the Best 50th Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Parents

50th anniversary gift ideas

When your parents reach their 50th wedding anniversary, one of the most important milestones in a married couple’s life, it is always a significant event. Golden anniversary gift for parents is usually a big party to celebrate 50 years of marriage spent together. There are various golden wedding anniversary gift ideas for parents, and this article just gives a few of them. Memorable and unforgettable could any celebration become if your parents feel your active involvement and desire to make them feel over the moon.

The most meaningful anniversary celebrations are those the spouses help to plan

Some surprising gift or guest for parents’ 50th anniversary is a good idea, but that celebration should be all about the couple and they should be as comfortable as possible with the style and nature of the event. If the couple never wore satin dresses or suits and ties, a formal dinner would not be the perfect event to celebrate their life together.

50th anniversary gifts for parents

On the other hand, if the happy couple loves dressing up and going out – a picnic in the park is probably not a good choice for the anniversary celebration. Whatever other 50th anniversary gifts for parents you keep in mind, flower decorations will always contribute to a classic romantic setting.

Although 50th-anniversary gift ideas are numerous, think carefully what is applicable for your parents. You are those close people who know them better than anybody, which means that you could surely find some anniversary gift for parents that is a little out of the ordinary. The gift of children is presupposed to be definitely more personal, more creative and more appealing than anybody else’s.  And the one that is more creative. Making it far more memorable than any other presents they’ll receive. Those anniversary gifts that come from your heart are the most valuable ones.

50th wedding anniversary gifts for parents

Stay calm and try to analyze what your parents need in reality. They gave you love and care when you were small and helpless. Has the time come to thank them for those valuable pieces of advice you may never be too old for and those moments of happiness and sorrow together when their supportive words or mercy made you feel serenity? They always respected your freedom and identity, and even feeling lonely kept loving you. They always expected you to share every achievement with them as well as any problem. And you are never too old to put your head on their lap…

A romantic vacation

Why not surprise your parents by paying for them to enjoy a romantic vacation? Visiting the place where they spent their honeymoon fifty years ago is a brilliant idea. It’ll be a chance for them to recreate some of the precious moments they had.

50th anniversary gifts

Or, maybe, you have heard them discussing their dream destination. If you make their wish come true it will be a magnificent 50th wedding anniversary gift for parents! For them to feel your warmness)  secretly put a scrapbook filled with memories of their life together, an anniversary collage or a personalized picture frame with a photo of the happy couple into their traveling bag.

Recall some comical moments in your life

Laughing is universal, no matter how old you are, what your physical or mental abilities are, you can laugh. Scientists have proven the connection between laughing and longevity. Doesn’t it show your parents have a great sense of humor and deserve having some more fun? Have a professional caricature made with the use of some old photos or a mixture of them. Let your parents enjoy this artistic gift by providing some riddles or puzzles for them to guess what is the moment depicted.

golden anniversary gifts for parents

Or go further and present them playing cards featuring your family members who make faces or pretend to be serious. It’s a funny 50th-anniversary gift. You could also prepare a quiz referring to the year when your parents got married. Research what music and sports were popular then, what kind of entertainment was preferable, what happened all over the world at that moment. A lot of fun is guaranteed!


Anniversary gifts for parents that would make them laugh could be small but great. Some jokes may sound strange or offensive if said by some distant person. But you know them well, the risks are minimal. They forgave you for breaking a curfew; some harmless prank or joke will make them giggle, and surpass any of the other gifts they receive, for sure.

50th wedding anniversary gift for parents

How about matching T-shirts that say loud and proud “Still putting up with each other after half a century”?  Are they celebrating their 50th anniversary? A T-shirt may then read ‘I’ve Survived 50 Years of Marriage, What’s Your Superpower?’ A perfect 50th-anniversary gag gift for a man is a baseball cap that proudly states: ‘After 50 years you still put up with me’. Some other funny quotations are as follows: ‘In my house, I’m the boss, my wife is just the decision maker’; ‘A good marriage would be between a blind wife and a deaf husband’; ‘Thank you for wedding me and having given me a chance to scream at you whenever I feel’; ‘Marriage is a workshop… where husband works & wife shops’.

golden wedding anniversary gift ideas for parents

A funny 50th-anniversary gift idea parents may like is a set of novelty mugs that will make everybody smile. His and her duo feature the names “Mr. Right” and “Mrs. Always Right” because let’s face it, that’s the way it is.

A 50th wedding anniversary gift for parents made of gold

A 50th wedding anniversary gift for parents made of gold is always appropriate. It’s true that a gift that incorporates the golden theme will be an ideal 50th wedding anniversary gift for your parents. A pair of gold cufflinks or gold watches for your dad and gold earrings or bracelet for your mom will touch their hearts. Add a special anniversary message with an engraving, and you’ve got the perfect anniversary gift.

Golden wedding anniversary gifts for parents maybe not so suitable for those spouses who strictly object against their family members spending much money. But there are some 50th wedding anniversary gift ideas parents will accept without hesitation. Active couples, as a rule, have some hobby or even addiction and to celebrate their golden wedding anniversary in a special way you just need to fulfill their fondest wish.

golden wedding anniversary gift ideas for parents

Your parents will surely appreciate some help with such things as housecleaning, yard work or garage clear-out. They will be glad to get vouchers for a health spa or beauty treatments or to get some classes at the local community center. At least, you could make a donation on their behalf to their favorite charity or organization.

Tickets to some events

Tickets to some events they really adore is another great golden wedding anniversary gift for parents. It could be listening to a symphony orchestra, theatre tickets, tickets to a sporting fixture, or listening to a favorite band or singer. If the event has a ‘kiss and tell’ camera fixture be sure to let the organizers know in advance of your parents’ anniversary and they’ll see themselves on the big screen. In case some celebrity is present, try to arrange about personal greeting for your parents. They will be happy!

So, if you really want to make their 50th anniversary memorable, just put a bit sense and much soul into your gift. The right gift will show that your parents have a special place in your heart, that you are proud of all their achievements. That is a good way to show how much you appreciate all this time spent together!

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