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gift for bachelorette party

What idea do people usually have about a bachelorette party? As usual, whatever we see in movies is just a drunken party with a male stripper, but contemporary brides and bridesmaids believe that bachelorette party, as well as bachelorette party gifts, are an important aspect you shall never leave to chance. There are various bachelorette gift ideas we will reveal. You may easily find something to fit your taste and to cover your budget among bachelorette party gift ideas below.

bachelorette party gifts

But let’s start with the bachelorette party itself. If you would like to make this party special, memorable and awesome, here are some brilliant bachelorette party ideas for you.

bach party favors

Some themes for Bachelorette Party

If you want to make your bridal party exclusive, three aspects are essential. First, it concerns the destination. You shall plan it beforehand, some hotel rooms or cute places like a penthouse apartment with a swimming pool located on the skyscraper roof could be unavailable in ‘hot’ seasons!

bachelorette party favors

What else, spending a weekend away from the city could be a very cute idea as some extraordinary weekend vacation may be a rare chance for a bride to relax. “Being wild” is a great idea not depending on your marital status. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, right? So it’s no wonder that it’s one of the most popular bachelorette party destinations! Maybe, you will wish to go there? You know, some party souvenirs will also make the participants happy. Heading to the beach or lake for a bachelorette? Channel your inner-kiddo and snag some playful heart sunglasses to wear over the weekend.

bachelorette gift ideas

Second, you certainly need decorations. Many brides like pink and silver, but your fantasy may push you to choose black colour as if you star in a horror movie! Everyone does Instagramming, so why not make the party all about the photos? You may also go to a portrait studio and dress up in elaborate costumes. Maybe, you’ll even decide to keep the costumes on for your night out on the town.

bachelorette gifts

Third, remember to make a little bar for snacks and drinks to satisfy your guests.

party gifts

In case you choose some theme for your party, you should stick to it. Remember to tell your guests ahead of time what the theme is and what to wear. For example, you could choose Gelato theme. This is a great idea for the bride that has a sweet tooth! The pastel colors look so good, and the decorations are relatively cheap. Plus, you get to serve delicious gelato! Just use a template for invitations and the “logo” to get started, and then set up a gelato bar. Easy. There are lots of gifts for bachelorette parties like that. And it would be great fun if all besties bring some party gifts like gelato personalized spoon or a T-shirt saying something like ‘I make gelato disappear. What’s your superpower?’ in specially created party gift bags.

bachelorette party gift ideas

Lingerie or Pijama Party is a great idea if you feel close to some friends of yours! Writing invitations on underwear fabric will be a great prompt for bridesmaids what this party will be devoted to. Then you may enjoy watching a movie and eating popcorn. A bride could also make this party especially funny offering her guests to wear identical double-sided swimming suits which could be worn any side depending on mood and which could become good beach party favors for bridesmaids.

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Organizing a party in a French style using some Paris reminders, making this party romantic and sparkling and presenting thematic bachelorette party gifts like vintage net face veil is the idea worth considering as well. You could also like the idea of having an Eiffel Tower cake!

gifts for bachelorette parties

Some other party ideas can be dictated by soon-to-be-bride’s tastes. If she believes horoscopes it’s a wonderful idea to hire an astrologer, fortune teller, or tarot card reader to arrange for each party guest to get a short prediction, with a longer featured prediction for the bride-to-be. This bachelorette party idea is a great one for decorating, your fantasy impulses will be released as you could organize fortune teller’s parlor, complete with mood lighting, fabric, and wonderful scents. Bachelorette party bags could also be thematic as well as their content. Zodiac bijouterie or thematic tops will suit as party favors.

bachelor party favor

Athletic brides would not like the idea of drinking girly drinks and wearing a veil. Instead, organizing a minor-league ball team, or a tournament of the bride’s favorite sport will be a great idea. Bridal paintball is another excellent idea. Destroying bridesmaid dresses that you will never wear again requires great courage and sense of humor nevertheless)

bachelorette party gifts for bride

Bachelorette party favors

You know, girls wanna have fun! And the best way to thank your girls for packing their bachelorette party gifts and celebrating the bride’s last fling before the wedding is presenting some fun bachelorette party favors.

cheap bachelorette party favors

In reality bachelorette party favors ideas are different. ‘Bride gang’ swimsuits with a flattering silhouette would make you and your bandits look perfect. You could also have awesome photos afterward.

gifts for bachelorettes

Some cheap bachelorette party favors are personalized compact mirrors or canvas tote bags. Nail polish party favors are also popular, but depending on the theme of your party they may turn to be less suitable than other bachelorette favors.

bachelorette party gift

As a matter of fact, nail polish also makes a good bachelorette party gift idea for a bride. Just attach a tag “To a Lifetime of Getting Nailed” or any other like that you may make any nail polish unique.

gifts for bachelorette party

DIY it up with your own bachelorette crafting party

Paint wine glasses, make a scrapbook, make your own candles with signature scents that match each of your personalities.

Here are a bunch of DIY project ideas online to get you started. What better way to be greeted than with a mini bottle of bubbly?!

cheap bachelorette party favors

We love these DIY, mini glitter champagne bottles from Vicky B.TV. Even if you don’t have time to add the glitter, just adding a cute tag will make this a totally fun favor the bride tribe will love.

gift for bachelorette party

These playful, handmade bachelorette party pins are a subtle, but fun accessory for the bride tribe.

Some brides don’t like bachelorette parties. Sounds crazy? That is because some people just don’t find the appeal of drinking and dancing! But how do you celebrate a future marriage with an introverted bride?

bachelorette party favors

Skip the male strippers, although that’s a pity! Some of the most notable ideas are a weekend of camping, a movie night, a spa day, and a dance class (without the pole). The party should be about the bride; so make it something that she loves doing.

gift for bachelorette party

Bachelorette party shirts are the things everybody got used to. If you would like to have something not so traditional consider the idea of “bride” and “babe” bachelorette party hats which perfectly suit for bar-hopping or hanging out at any place. Mini bachelorette party sombreros are a unique accessory for any fiesta-themed bachelorette weekend as well as cute neck or hair bandanas.

bachelorette party gifts

Some bachelorette party gifts are rather conventional like napkins or cups. One great advantage of the latter present is the fact that those adorable cups specially made for a bride can be used another time, which makes them not only memorable but valuable.

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