Is an Engagement Ring a Gift?

is an engagement ring a gift

Engagement is a kind of event many young couples are happy with. Thus, an engagement ring is a symbol of love and affection which is usually considered to be a gift. But some ring gifts like Tiffany’s are so expensive, they are a heavy pull upon the groom’s purse.

It’s easy to explain why men take such a step. Some men are ready to pay three times dearer because they understand that in case they make an engagement proposal and wish their beloved to answer ‘yes’ they need to get prepared thoroughly, and if it costs them a fortune it overweighs the risk of having a refusal.

Engagement rings are the ultimate expression of love, that is why their unique design requires a personal approach. The superlative beauty of Tiffany engagement rings is determined by that company’s obsession with creating the world’s most valuable and, consequently, the most expensive engagement ring gifts.

All options including diamond size and shape, side stones and more others, of the trendy or traditional type, are available. A groom could always find something beautiful suitable for any budget. But designers’ engagement ring brands always impress every woman, especially the one who gets the engagement ring from Tiffany.

is an engagement ring a gift

Divorce ring etiquette

You know, the reasons for girls to have an engagement may be absolutely different. While some of them like to boast of their magnificent engagement ring, others are looking forward to the proposal because they are old enough to get married, or believe that it is an everlasting passion that will logically result in engagement and marriage.

But the situation could become tragic if the love of the couple has grown cold, and either both or one of the couple: a bride or a groom consider their love to be ceased. It makes no sense to continue relationships that may not be preserved. The less sense even is making a family having such a serious separation problem.

Thus, wedding rings’ divorce etiquette is rather important to follow especially because some engagement rings are very expensive. There are some common questions young girls tend to ask what concerns engagement, especially if they are going to annul it.

  • Who keeps the engagement ring in a divorce?
  • Do you have to give an engagement ring back?
  • Who gets the ring when an engagement is called off?
  • Is an engagement ring a gift or can a groom take back a ring?
  • Do you have to return an engagement ring if you are not going to continue this relationship?
wedding ring divorce etiquette

Do I have to give my engagement ring back?

These are reasonable questions, but the answer depends on several factors. If the engagement is called off, surely, it matters who initiated the separation. Undoubtedly, at least from the point of view of a fiancée, in case a groom makes such a step (hope it to be a rare case), and engagement gift ring shall be kept as a kind of compensation for the contract obligations not executed by another party.

But does the same concern girls giving up their liabilities? In case an engaged girl may wish to separate with a marriageable young man could a man ask himself the following question:

do you have to return an engagement ring

Can you legally take back a gift?

For example, according to California laws, a fiancée is obliged to give an engagement ring gift back. Have you heard the story of Paris Hilton whose bridegroom wanted the ring back? Her ‘whirlwind romance’ passed, but is it the reason to give back the ring which cost only 2 mln dollars? At least, it was worth giving such an expensive gift in order to announce everybody the news about Paris’ consent. Asking for engagement ring back can be considered engagement ring etiquette break up.

Therefore, wedding ring divorce etiquette is binding to follow in some states, but some girls engaged to believe that they could keep an engagement ring because it was a gift. They believe that every decent man wouldn’t make such demands trying to shelter their vulnerability with law.

is an engagement ring considered a gift

So, Is an engagement ring a gift?

Is an engagement ring considered a gift is the question which resolution depends on the country where this divorce ring etiquette problem arises? Is an engagement ring a contract that shall be considered in the same way as an ordinary contract, thus obliging the party violating the contract perform the duties stipulated by the contract, i.e. to get married, or give back the engagement ring, that is a reinstatement?

Anyway, in case any problem like that arises it is better to consult an experienced lawyer and to learn what laws are applied at the territory you live in. But, you know, it is always preferable to get a professional piece of advice if you need any because lawyers could give you a better recommendation on the question who gets the engagement ring in a divorce.

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