Seventy-fifth Wedding Anniversary Gifts

75th anniversary gift

The 75th  anniversary is called diamond, and it’s really great because people could have lived together for such a long time! The 75th  wedding anniversary is a great and memorable event, and, surely, it’s worth being celebrated! There is a low probability that the 75th-anniversary symbol – diamonds – is what elderly people need. But it is necessary to consider it as one of the alternatives!

After all, it’s a rare case that a couple could keep their family relations for such a long period of time! For the 75th  wedding anniversary, one of the best options is to gather friends and family members. Maybe, it is not necessary to spend much money and to buy some luxurious things, for example, jewelry or cufflinks. For elderly people, it could be a more valuable experience to get more attention and care on that great day! They often would just like to have some time with people whom they love!

But finding some proper gifts for the 75th  anniversary could be difficult because the couple could have achieved the age of 95 at least, and they could enjoy quiet rest being surrounded by their relatives.

Seventy-fifth Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Planning – The First Important Step

It’s a good idea to start planning for the seventy-fifth anniversary a year or half a year in advance. Especially if you would like to invite some relatives or friends of the couple from far away. 75th  year anniversary requires a serious approach if you want everybody to like the celebration you are going to organize! There are lots of things to think of. That’s why early preparation is absolutely necessary!

You’ll need to reserve some place which is big enough to accommodate all the guests who are going to arrive. But remember about their comfort! Maybe, the couple, as well as some friends of theirs, could wish to stay in some quiet place, at least for some period of time.

Some important steps to keep in mind when you try to organize the 75th  anniversary are as follows: planning all the details of the future celebration, making invitations and sending them to all the guests, selecting some menu suitable for all the guests, finding out what entertainment could be appropriate for everybody.

Seventy-fifth Wedding Anniversary Gifts

The 75th  wedding anniversary gift would be really perfect if you analyze all the things carefully and then implement your plan. It matters where you will have a 75th-anniversary party. The date, as well as venue, shall be determined beforehand.

The Second Important Step – The Date For The Celebration

Consider various alternatives that concern the date for that celebration and consult with the most important guests to find the date which fits all of them. It’s better to hold an event on the weekend because it could be problematic for some working relatives. Once you select a preferred date, you could start searching and reserving some venue.

Seventy-fifth Wedding Anniversary Gifts

The Next Important Step – Find An Appropriate Venue

Then you try to find an appropriate venue, keep some specific requirements in mind. Some disabled people could be present, so think of their comfort. Good parking shall also be provided. Calculate thoroughly how many guests you will accept. Learn the fact if the restaurant you are going to hire provides a good Internet connection.

Organize A Video Conference

If some guests are unable to come, it would be good to organize a video conference. Find out what the restaurant administration policy is when it concerns caterers or kitchen facilities if you are bringing in food yourself. If your 75th-anniversary gift shall include some formal program or you will play music, you must make sure that microphones and other audiovisual equipment are available.

Seventy-fifth Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Send Out Clear Invitations

When you determine what venue to reserve, send out clear invitations with detailed instructions to all the important guests in advance to be sure that they all could come on the date you have chosen. You may send out invitations, but remember to check if all the visitors got it. Some of those who are invited to the 75th anniversary may need a telephone call. So, be attentive and do not miss somebody whose presence is absolutely necessary.

Some Other Important Details

What else you should consider is what type of event you want to have. A sit-down dinner might be nice if the guest list is smaller, whereas a dessert reception is an option for a larger group. Appetizers or finger foods are also good. If you would like to use catering services, arrange about it several months before the day of the 75th   anniversary.

The larger the group, the more time the caterer will need to prepare the meals, and additional assistance may turn to be inevitable. If you or your family members would like to cook everything by themselves, be sure you have enough time to get everything done. In such a case you will enjoy being with the honorees, not running around the kitchen. A pot luck party is another good option.

Seventy-fifth Wedding Anniversary Gifts

If the guests of that 75th wedding anniversary party would like to cook their favorite dishes it would be wonderful. Everybody will taste some special recipes, and it could also be viewed as a good 75th anniversary gift because the most time possible will be spent together. A special cake is a must-have for any anniversary celebration. You could apply to some local bakery or make it by yourself.

Entertaining program

Entertaining program is another thing which is rather significant for the 75th anniversary. Think about your budget and the format you may choose. It could be some formal celebration where honorees will greet their guests. Maximum comfort shall be provided, especially when this event could take a long time. Invite a good photographer to take pictures of each guest with the happy couple.

As a matter of fact, it’s a good 75th-anniversary gift for a couple as well. Photos and videos will keep memories of this event for a long time. They could be published on DVD, or you may share these photos on some photo-sharing sites. You can also use Facebook or Instagram.

You could also make some inspirational speeches or poems. It’s an interesting idea to show how you feel about the 75th   anniversary of the couple. A good example to follow is to make a speech where you would emphasize your feelings and show how a person may love another person in spite of any facts.

Seventy-fifth Wedding Anniversary Gifts

The younger female relative could say: When I am ninety-five and start losing slippers around the house, soften the pieces of bread in the broth, knit some long scarves when I start walking and holding the walls and I would like to look at the sky for a long time when I lose my beauty you will still love me and support.

Her male partner could give a kind of response like that: When I am ninety-five, I will look for your slippers around the house, wear some strange scarves you’ll knit for me, listen to your breath and care of you. I will pay no attention to your appearance. I will always love and support you. Even when I become ninety-five.

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